google-newsRelationships are a very complicated thing – it seems that the old school media over in Spain, namely the Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association (AEDE), intends to talk to the Spanish government to have Google News be made available over in Spain again – this coming just a hours after Google decided to make the move to shut down its News service. The reason behind Google doing so is to avoid being penalized by a law that requires a company or organization to pay for article results.

The Spanish Newspaper Publishers’ Association (AEDE) claim that Google happens to be too “dominant” in its market position to actually take a leave of absence, and this move would have a very high probability of it having a negative impact, not only on businesses but also on the public as well. The AEDE insists that it is willing to negotiate so that Google News remains.

What do you think of this particular development? It is definitely interesting now that the folks over at Google would be able to have a satisfying nod going all round, knowing that they have successfully moved themselves into a such a strong position that their absence in the industry would be sorely missed.

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