Following individual news sites to get your daily news fix is a tiresome activity. You can not visit each news site separately to get the latest news on different topics of interest. However, you can use news aggregators to bring all the current news from multiple channels into a single dashboard. Here are some of the best news aggregators you can use to connect all your news channels and curate your personal newsfeed.

1/ Inoreader (Web/Mobile)


Inoreader is an innovative news and content aggregator that offers unique features making it a different type of RSS reader. It’s not just another boring RSS reader instead Inoreader offers a unique way to discover amazing new content around the web. It also features a completely functional RSS tool that lets you keep tabs on your favorite blogs and news sites. You can even import your subscriptions from other readers directly into Inoreader to keep all your news content in one place. You can create individual dashboards for different interests, one for technology, one for news, etc. It offers all the features you need to keep an organized dashboard for all the content and news from around the web.

2/ Feedly (Web/Mobile)


One of the best news aggregators available in the market right now. It offers a simple and refined user interface where you can easily access all your favorite content from around the web. From around 40 million sources, you can find the exact news you are looking for within minutes. You can share, read, and save all the news you want on your favorite topics in this reader. You can organize your favorite content in different ways to keep it clutter-free. You can even pump up your productivity by integrating apps like, Slack, Google Docs, etc to easily share specific stories across different services.

3/ Digg Reader (Web)

Digg Reader

If you want to check out what the entire Internet is reading then Digg Reader is the perfect place to catch up on the latest news. When you sign-up, all you have to do is select your preferred categories and Digg will bring you the hottest stories and news related to your selected interests. The design is pretty similar to Feedly; minimal and simple. You can search for specific sites and only be presented with the content from your selected sites. You can also check out trending stories that have been shared the most on Twitter using the Digg Deeper feature.

4/ Commafeed (Web)


Aesthetically Commafeed is not as attractive then again, not many news aggregators offer much beauty at all. Commafeed’s user interface resembles that of an email inbox from the earlier days. You can add and subscribe to different feeds directly from the dashboard. You can name each feed differently to keep them neatly organized. If you are fine with a bland user interface similar to an old email inbox then Commafeed is the right choice for you. However, this simple design makes this reader completely bloat-free with no distractions at all.

5/ Flipboard (Web/Mobile)


Flipboard prides itself on being the personal magazine for you. All the stories, news, and content is hand picked by people who share your interests and passion. You can select your topics and curate your own news feed to suit your needs. You can even organize your content in a beautiful magazine layout which you can share with other people. Initially, the feed looks a bit cluttered because you have to select 7 topics during sign-up, but you can prune it and keep only your preferred topics in the feed.

6/ SmartNews (Mobile)


SmartNews is exactly what the name states. It brings you all the must-read news automatically and curates the perfect feed for you automatically. The smart algorithm picks the hottest and trending news stories from across the web and brings them to your smartphone. You can add the most popular channels to only see stories from your favorite news sites. SmartView technology loads the articles instantly so you can start reading without having to wait at all.

7/ The Old Reader (Web)

The Old Reader

The Old Reader is not that old despite its name. It lets you subscribe to your favorite news channels and curate your personal news feed. You can share your stories with friends across social media and discuss your favorite content with them. Up to 100 feeds are free for all users but if you want to go above that then you have to pay $3/month fees for the premium subscription which gives you 500 subscriptions, faster feed refresh times, no advertisement, and 1 year of post-storage.

8/ News Republic (Mobile)

News Republic

News Republic is your one-stop shop for all the current and breaking news from around the world. You can customize your own news feed with content from nearly 1650 media partners from around the globe. You can follow your friends and other industry experts to see what interests them. Follow the breaking news and spark new conversations with other people who share the same interests as you. News Republic learns about your interests through your reading, the more you read the better content you will be presented over time.

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