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LG Unveils Lightwave DIOS Oven With NFC Capabilities
Not many smartphones out there are equipped with NFC, although it seems that the trend is slowly starting to pick up these days. However for those who do own a smartphone with NFC capabilities, here’s a somewhat novel, albeit useful, way of using it at home. LG has recently announced a new Lightwave DIOS oven that is NFC-equipped. What this means is that smartphone owners with NFC are able to […]

Tizen NFC Features Shown Off On Video
NFC or near field communication technology has been widely implemented in various premium smartphones on different platforms such as BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android. Apple has kept itself and iOS out of the fray for quite some time now, none of the company’s mobile devices feature this technology. It seems that Samsung’s homegrown Tizen OS will come with support for NFC from the get go. The NFC features of Tizen […]

Moto Skip Lets You Unlock Your Moto X Via NFC
The Motorola Moto X, the first made in the USA smartphone for a long time, has not been released yet for the masses although it has already been officially announced, but this has not stopped the folks over at Motorola from teasing the masses with a potential new accessory for it that they have called the Moto Skip. No, the Moto Skip is not something which is attached to your […]

Microsoft Secure Peer-to-Peer Acoustic NFC Transfers Files Via “Sound”
The folks over at Microsoft Research might have stumbled upon something that is very, very interesting – that is, the ability to send files from one device to another using sound, calling this process the Secure Peer-to-Peer Acoustic NFC. Normally, NFC (Near Field Communication) would require the presence of a special chip to be placed within a mobile phone or tablet so that it can function, but considering how a […]


Apple Patent Describes The Use Of NFC To Gift iTunes Purchases
There have been rumors in the past that NFC could be one of the features that would make its way into Apple’s iPhone, and while Apple’s Phil Schiller explained why NFC is missing from the iPhone, it has not stopped the rumor mill from suggesting otherwise. Well a recent patent by Apple has been spotted that seems to suggest that Apple has toyed with the idea of NFC in their […]

Apple Patent Describes Method To Gift iTunes Content Through NFC
Apple hasn’t implemented NFC or near field communication technology in any of its devices as yet. The next generation iPhone will reportedly have NFC, but there’s no confirmation about that just yet. Nevertheless, the company has filed for a new patent that describes a method that users might be able to take advantage of in the future. The patent describes the ability to gift iTunes content to other iTunes users […]

NFC Ring Does Not A Green Lantern Make
Now here is a Kickstarter project that you might probably be interested in, especially when you want a ring that can “rule them all”, so to speak. I am referring to the NFC Ring which has long since crossed the financial requirement for it to enter production, and the video above will show you just how useful it is to unlock your smartphone – as long as your device comes […]

Pokémon Rumble U Trailer Depicts Use Of NFC Figures
We did talk about how Angry Birds Star Wars II will make use of the presence of physical toys in order to “summon” characters into the game – not exactly the newest concept in town, but it certainly adds a different dimension into what is most probably an overworked franchise that should have been shot down and slaughtered some time back. After all, the basic premise of the game still […]

NFC Tagged Library Adds New Ability To Smartphones
A library in Japan gets NFC tags for easier book searches.

Samsung Launches NFC-Enabled Laser Printers
Samsung is announcing a range of NFC-enabled printers which allows you to print content directly from your smartphones.

Future Apple Devices May Support NFC Technology
A new patent awarded to Apple yesterday hints at the possibility of future Apple devices supporting near-field communication or NFC.

Nokia NFC Writer App Makes More Advances
The Nokia NFC Writer app is new and improved!

Samsung Releases TecTiles 2 NFC Tags With Galaxy S4 Support For $15
Samsung had previously released its TecTiles programmable NFC tags for its Galaxy S3 around this time last year, but unfortunately with the release of the Galaxy S4, its TecTiles didn’t support its latest and greatest smartphone. But today, Samsung is releasing its new TecTiles 2 NFC tags that fully support the Galaxy S4.The new TecTiles 2 NFC tags will work similar to how the original tags worked and is compatible […]

Leaked Galaxy S4 Battery Shows NFC Support
So, there are rumors going around that the upcoming iPhone 5S will feature NFC support to keep up with the times, which is old hat actually when you think about it since most of the high end Android smartphones already come with NFC connectivity built-in. The thing is, the latest rumor to make its rounds would concern the yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy S4, which appears to follow in the footsteps […]