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Game Golf Uses Sensors To Help Improve Your Performance
Being able to hit the fairway and greens in golf video games is pretty easy as long as you always consider the wind as well as the numerous small imperfections on any course. But doing the same thing in actual golf can be quite the challenge, especially if you don’t consider yourself to even be a golf amateur.A new program from San Francisco-based developer Game called Game Golf can help […]

MasterCard MasterPass Helps You Buy Stuff Without Needing A Register
[MWC 2013] It looks as though VISA isn’t the only credit card company that has something to announce during Mobile World Congress this week as MasterCard is crashing their announcement party with one of their own. And as you would expect, their news is related to mobile payments.MasterCard is announcing its MasterPass service this week, which can offer its users the ability to scan barcodes of merchandise they wish to […]

VISA, Samsung Announce Partnership Bringing payWave To Galaxy Devices
[MWC 2013] It was two years ago when Samsung and VISA announced they’d be partnering up in order to offer NFC mobile payments before, during and after the London 2012 Olympics. We think it would be safe to assume that partnership went extremely well as both companies are announcing a new NFC payments deal.VISA and Samsung are announcing their partnership that would bring VISA’s payWave mobile payment application to NFC-enabled […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini NFC Edition Coming Your Way
Well, well, what do we have here? Apparently, there is word that Samsung has deemed the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to be worthy enough to carry the NFC mantle, so we can expect a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini NFC edition headed to the market in due time. The thing is, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini first rolled out in October last year, there was a promise by Samsung to […]


Visa Approves NFC Mobile Payment Solution For RIM
RIM, the manufacturer of all things BlackBerry, has just announced that Visa has given their nod of approval for their NFC-based mobile payment solution which allows carriers to support payments on just about any NFC-enabled smartphone. This underlines RIM’s seriousness in getting a slice of the growing mobile payments market, where RIM’s Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution that paves the way for users to enjoy mobile payments will be made […]

RIM Gets Approval From Visa
Just in time for the imminent launch of BlackBerry 10, Research In Motion is announcing today that its mobile payment solution has been approved by Visa. Visa said its yes to RIM’s Secure Element Manager (SEM) solution for NFC mobile payments. In case you were wondering, RIM’s SEM will act as the back-end solution for carriers to securely manage credentials on SIM cards, which are installed in all types of NFC-capable mobile […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus To Get NFC Chip (Rumor)
It seems that there are expectations in the industry that the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus will be on the receiving end of two different models, that is, the GT-i9105 and the GT-i9105P, with the latter all set to arrive with an NFC chip. This might be the “Plus” version of the original S2 i9100, but you will find that the i9105 is not going to be superior in […]

Hyundai Connectivity Concept Gives NFC-enabled Phones Power Over Your Car
Last week, we heard about Toyota’s 2013 Avalon being equipped with a Qi wireless charging system, and as cool as that was, Hyundai’s plans for its upcoming vehicles is way cooler.Hyundai’s Connectivity Concept is scheduled to be included in its 2015 model vehicles and will give its users the power to control their vehicle with their NFC-enabled smartphone rather than the metal keys we’ve been lugging around in our pockets for […]

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster – Demo at GDGT
The Nokia Purity Pro wireless stereo headset was first revealed to the masses at IFA 2012 in Berlin and we had the opportunity to briefly get our hands on the device at GDT on December 6 in San Francisco. The design, which is similar to the previous Purity HD headphones, is quite elegant, and I personally like the bright colors that match the various Windows Phone 8 color schemes.You can […]

London Buses Now Supporting NFC Payments
London is going high-tech. Just a year after outfitting Wi-Fi on its buses, the city is now upping the ante by introducing NFC payments on its 8,500 buses. Starting today, Transport for London or TfL, the local government body responsible for the city’s transport system, is replacing Oyster cards with NFC-enabled debit cards, hereby putting an end to an era of using electronic ticketing, which didn’t quite appeal much to […]

Qualcomm announces new low-power NFC chips for mobile devices
While NFC has opened the door to numerous possibilities, such as the sharing of data, using our phones as mobile wallets and etc., one of the downsides to current-gen NFC chips is that apparently they can be quite the power drainer, which might explain why Apple has yet to introduce NFC in their iPhones despite many believing that they will. That being said, Qualcomm’s subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros has announced that […]

Gemalto Merges NFC Function In SIM Card
The humble Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card that every single mobile phone out there (whether smart or otherwise, and it does not matter if it is standard sized, micro or nano), has just achieved a functionality that could very well prove to be the path of future. Mobile security juggernaut Gemalto has managed to achieve another milestone by merging NFC functionality into the SIM card itself. Known as the UpTeq […]

Physical Google Wallet card more or less confirmed on Google's website
Google Wallet is Google’s take on the mobile wallet service which is accomplished by relying on NFC-enabled devices and compatible smartphones. That being said it was last week where it was suggested that Google could be coming up with a physical card for its Google Wallet feature and if you needed more proof of that happening, it seems that Google has let the cat out of the bag themselves via […]

The Xperia Face Off makes good use of the Sony Xperia T's NFC feature
NFC in smartphones has a lot of possibilities, such as file transfers and allowing the phone to be used as a smart wallet. Unfortunately these particular features have yet to catch on in a big way, but Sony is hoping to change that by drawing attention to the NFC feature on their Xperia T Android smartphone. As some of you guys might have surmised by now, the Xperia T comes […]