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Dimple Adds Four Customizable Hardware Buttons On Your Android
There are several trends that almost all smartphone manufacturers are adhering too. Large displays is one of them, and so is the removal of excess buttons. These days most smartphones only have buttons for the most crucial of tasks. Some of us still prefer having hardware buttons. Dimple aims to fill that gap. Its basically a sticker with four hardware buttons that can be attached to an Android device. The […]

Apple Might Consider NFC For Next Generation iPhone
Most of the mobile payment services are powered by NFC (Near Field Communication), this technology is commonly found in most mid-range and high-end smartphones. Apple has always kept the iPhone out of this loop. The company’s smartphone has never come with NFC built-in, which means that iPhone users can’t use these services. That might be about to change. An analyst predicts that in the upcoming iPhone Apple may finally opt […]

LG Debuts Washing Machine With NFC Technology
While washing machines are pretty much essential when it comes to washing clothes, they barely get any coverage simply because for the most part, that’s all they do. However during InnoFest 2014, LG has taken the wraps off a new washing machine that might be of interest to new homeowners, especially since their new washing machine comes with support for NFC.Washing machines come with a bunch of presets that will […]

Sony Implements FeliCa/NFC Functionality In Gemalto MicroSD Cards
Sony and Gemalto have come together to offer solutions that involve the implementation of FeliCa/NFC technology since 2012, which has led to Gemalto’s high end UpTeq SIMs that will integrate FeliCa/NFC capability. It seems that there is the implementation of Sony’s FeliCa/NFC technology in Gemalto’s microSD memory cards now, as both companies intend to open up the door for mobile handsets as well as smartphones to gain access to different […]


Isis NFC iPhone Payments A Possibility With Incipio Cashwrap
Isis is a relatively new mobile payments solution that’s backed by three major U.S. carriers, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to be precise. It was confirmed last year that the service will be rolled out within the year, and sure enough on November 14th, Isis mobile payments went live across the U.S. Isis requires NFC or near field communication to function, which we all know isn’t present in iPhones. This means […]

Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Announced
There was plenty of buzz surrounding the Nokia Guru not too long ago, and all of that waiting has finally been rewarded with the introduction of the Nokia BH-121, a Bluetooth stereo headset. It will arrive in the various colors that are often associated with Nokia smartphones in recent times, among them include cyan, red, yellow and black. The Nokia BH-121 comes in a neatly crafted tile design that some […]

Nokia Guru Leaked In Official Press Image
We recently heard about the Nokia Guru thanks to @evleaks leaking information regarding the MP3 player just a few days ago. And just a few days later, we have what appears to be the first press render of the Nokia Guru.As you can see from the image published above, the Nokia Guru has some similarities to Apple’s iPod Shuffle. Judging by the image, there doesn’t seem to be a display […]

Nokia Guru With NFC Leaked
Apparently, a Twitter account – @evleaks in particular, recently unveiled the alleged code name of what could very well be a future Nokia handset, with the name being a rather wise sounding Nokia Guru. I sure as heck hope that one does not need to climb mountains as well as sleep on a bed of nails in order to qualify for the purchase of the Nokia Guru! Unfortunately, that is […]

Microsoft And British Airways Team Up For Digital Bag Tag
We’ve seen electronic bag tags before that allows a user to check where their bags are and to see if they arrive at its destination as expected, and now it looks like Microsoft wants in on some of that action and has recently teamed up with British Airways to create the Digital Bag Tag and a check-in system using NFC equipped Windows Phone devices, which is not surprising given that […]

Telus NFC-Enabled SIM Coming This October 10th
Telus is a Canadian mobile provider, and this time around, they have finally played catch up with Rogers when it comes to delivering a NFC-based SIM card to the masses. Folks over at MobileSyrup have picked up an internal document that indicates a future move that Telus will be rolling out a new $15 NFC-enabled SIM card this coming October 10th. This particular NFC-enabled SIM card is also said to […]

One2Touch Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keypad
So, you happen to own an Android-powered smartphone and do think back to the “good old days” where the keypad allowed you to compose an SMS without having to look at the screen simply because you have memorized the individual letters’ respective positions by heart. These days with a touchscreen device, that is virtually impossible, but then again I suppose that is why there are voice commands to compose a […]

Isis Mobile Payment Solution Loses Banking Partner Capital One
Three of the biggest mobile carriers in the U.S., Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, are backing a mobile payments solution called Isis. Based on NFC technology, the solution allows people to pay when required at participating locations by simply tapping their smartphones. Last year, a trial was launched in Salt Lake City and Austin, and Isis plans to roll out across the country by the end of this year. Unfortunately, it […]

Google Wallet Arriving On Android 2.3 Gingerbread Phones Soon
Time certainly flies, and it has been over two years after the Internet search giant Google launched a platform which was specially designed to transform compatible Android smartphones into digital wallets. Well, here is some good news for those of you who are still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread – Google has just announced that it will be offering Google Wallet to all smartphones that have at least Android 2.3 as […]

McDonald's Happy Table Turns Your Smartphone Into Digital Playgrounds
For years now, McDonald’s has thrown in a toy either promoting the release of a new film, cartoon series or just for the heck of it in their Happy Meals. Children and some adults have enjoyed playing with these toys for years, but they may be getting a huge upgrade if its latest experiment, called the Happy Table, actually makes it into McDonald’s restaurants.The Happy Table requires the child, or […]