fuelband-seIt looks as though the Nike FuelBand SE family has just gotten bigger with the addition of its latest member, that is, the Nike FuelBand SE Silver Edition. This particular version of the FuelBand SE range happens to be part of the Metaluxe Collection, where it will now be able to mingle with the likes of Black, Pink Foil, Total Crimson, Volt and Rose Gold colors. After all, the Nike FuelBand SE Silver Edition is also a member of the existing Nike+ FuelBand SE range, and the folks over at Nike must know that anything that comes in a shade of shiny silver will most probably be a winner among the masses. Otherwise, would there be any other reason for Apple to check out the possibilities that they can achieve with Liquidmetal?

The Nike FuelBand SE Silver Edition will be pretty much similar to the other colors in the same range other than a different cosmetic appearance on the outside, which is represented by a silver plate on the clip itself. You will find that the Silver Edition would retain a similar level of functionality with those that are found on the cheaper and more colorful Sports Pack. It will be available this January 19th for $169 a pop. [Product Page]

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