nike-hologramYou do not rise to the very top of the industry by remaining a follower, only leaders are able to be right up ahead of the rest of the pack. Nike has for some years now, proved itself to be a bastion in creativity where sports advertising is concerned, as they have also churned out their fair share of innovative shoes where sports and fitness are concerned. Well, their latest advertisement was recently spotted in Amsterdam, where it came in the form of holographic promotions.

The hologram advertisement that was shown off in Amsterdam pushed the new Nike Free 5.0 running shoes, where it was facilitated by Holocube, a European company whose specialty lies in holographic displays. The Nike Free 5.0 is shown rotating in virtual space, where it will twist and roll with realistic effect to entertain the multitude of pedestrians who walk by every single day. Courtesy of the transparent cube display, the hologram’s motion can be regardless of which side you are on.

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