nokia-x-chinaThere is always the novelty of something new that captures the imagination of the masses, and when it comes to the Nokia X which has partnered with Android, here we are with a possible winner on Nokia’s hands – despite the fact that they have been running on the Windows Phone operating system for what seems to be the longest time already. It was yesterday when we brought you word that the Nokia X had already picked up 1 million pre-orders over in China, which is the largest mobile market in the world at the moment. No surprise there, considering it is also the world’s most populous nation.

Having said that, while Nokia China did brag about the 1 million figure on Weibo, which is a microblogging website that is not too different from Twitter, do bear in mind that this does not translate to 1 million customers who are ready to purchase the smartphone when it arrives. did point out that all of these 1 million pre-orders were made on, which happens to be an extremely popular Chinese online store which enables registered customers to place a pre-order on a particular product without having to commit to pick it up. Apart from that, not everyone went there with the intention to purchase the Nokia X, since there is a contest that would net the winner a new Nokia X for free, where you would need to place a pre-order prior to joining the contest. Chances are these would be more of a pre-registration if one would like to be more accurate.

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