nokia-x-hands-on-05Just the other day, we saw the Nokia X rooted and have Google apps installed on the phone. This is actually a pretty big deal because with the Nokia X running on a forked version of Android, this meant that unlike other Android phones, the Nokia X would not, by default, have access to Google apps and services that come preinstalled on Android phones.

Now according to reports, it seems that the reverse has happened. The Nokia Store app on the Nokia X has managed to be extracted and installed on none other than a Jolla smartphone, which for those unfamiliar is a phone made by ex-Nokia employees and runs an operating system known as Sailfish OS.

This was discovered thanks to the XDA Developers forum, a community dedicated to smartphone enthusiasts. Now we can’t speak as to whether or not this works, but those who have tried apparently claims that it does.

The instructions, provided on the XDA forums, appears to be pretty straightforward and involves the downloading of a couple of files. The instructions does mention that the phone needs to be rooted in order for this to take place, so that’s nothing to take note of as well.

We’re not sure how many Android apps downloaded will be compatible with the Sailfish operating system, but if you do have the device and would like to take it for a spin, head on over here for the instructions! Once again we advise readers to proceed with caution, and always remember to backup your data in the event that something goes wrong.

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