office-2016-leakIt looks like the past weekend has been an extremely busy one where leaks are concerned, where we have seen a spanking new version of Windows 10 hitting the Internet, not to mention that there is also a new version of Office 2016 that has taken the same route. This latest version of the leaked Office 2016 would come with the build number 16.0.3823.1005, and would definitely be one of the newer versions of Office, although it will not bring with it any major changes or new features. Truth of the matter is, this happens to be up from version 3629.1006 which made an appearance in January earlier this year, which would mean it is not a major version revision.

Having said that, there are still changes that have made their way there, where one of them would be a spanking new theme that would be able to adapt with the color of the application, which is known as “colorful”. Not only that, the Microsoft Limestone Integration Application, or Microsoft Lime for short, has also leaked out. This looks to be a dev tool that was used for testing out various Office elements.

Don’t you find it rather interesting that Microsoft has decided to be a whole lot more open than ever before, showing out more leaks than they have ever done in the past? This is perhaps a step in the right direction don’t you think so?

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