There is a lot to expect from Microsoft later this year. The company has already detailed some of the products that will be released after a few months. Windows 10 is one of them. With the new iteration of its operating system Microsoft also confirmed an updated version of the Office productivity suite. Office 2016 is slated for release by mid-2015. A purported screenshot of this software has appeared online and it doesn’t show much more than user interface improvement.

Neowin claims to have received this screenshot from an anonymous source. It shows Office 2016 PowerPoint which at first glance doesn’t bring more than some visual upgrades. It is highly likely that the new software will bring new features as well but that isn’t immediately evident from this screenshot.

However we can see some new icons in this screenshot which are in line with the design language that we have already seen on Windows 10. In the ribbon at the top is where one can see these new icons. Dropdown menus appear to be flatter than before. Buttons near the save icon have been updated too.

Microsoft is yet to confirm a release date for Office 2016. The new update will also bring a touch-enabled version for Windows devices which Microsoft has already unveiled, it has also posted a video demonstration of that version.

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