Seesmic for BlackBerryPoor RIM. After reporting financial losses and poor sales for its recent quarterly report, product delays, upset shareholders and consumers; the company hasn’t exactly been having a ball of a time lately. Now, it looks like even developers are beginning to turn their backs on RIM’s BlackBerry operating system. Seesmic, one of the most popular third party Twitter client developers has officially announced that it will no longer be supporting BlackBerry, effective June 30th. The company will be focusing its efforts on improving the Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, desktop and web versions of the app instead.

Things definitely look bleak for the company, and even the developers know it – you can be that Seesmic won’t be the last company to abandon the operating system. And less apps on the platform will eventually lead to less customers, which in turn leads to less revenue for RIM, and you get the whole picture. It’s a downward spiral for the Canadian company who were once considered on top of the game. What do you think RIM could do in order to convince developers to stay and develop for its OS?

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