Microsoft today announced that it’s rolling out a new Outlook for iOS today which brings a redesign and a dark mode. This major app update doesn’t bring much in the way of new features as it’s almost entirely focused on the design. Outlook mobile is one of the first Office apps to adopt the new Office 365 icon and design thinking that Microsoft revealed last week.

Users will notice subtle changes in the user interface when they swipe right or left on an email. This is a new sensory feedback experience that Microsoft has built for the app. They will notice the corners of the message transforming from hard to soft all while providing haptic feedback. There are new animated calendar icons that fan forward or backward as users scroll through their agenda.

What most users will immediately notice when they get this new app is the bold color that allows for a more vibrant experience. There’s a strong app header with Outlook’s signature blue color and typography which helps users easily find their way through the app. This experience will remain consistent across mobile email, search, and calendar.

Microsoft has also revealed that it’s developing a dark mode for the app. However, the company hasn’t made it a part of the update that’s rolling out today. The dark mode will be released at some point in the future.

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