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WebOS write-off costs HP $3.3B
In today’s earning call from HP, the world has learned that HP has spent $3.3 Billion to write off things related to Palm and WebOS. This comes less than two years after HP spent $1.2 Billion to acquire Palm in the first place. Overall, this probably put the losses related to Palm a bit over $5B.

Palm Pre-iPhone hybrid spotted
What happens when you cross the now defunct Palm with their more recent smartphones with the Apple iPhone? I suppose it would be something like what you are looking at above – it somewhat resembles the Palm Pre, although it rings just like an iPhone when there is an incoming call. When that happens, the handset will switch over to the standard webOS interface on AT&T’s network. No idea on […]

Palm Stores closed for good
Somehow, I cannot but help think that what HP is doing to Palm and webOS is similar to what Xerxes of Persia threatened King Leonidas in the movie “300”, where the very memory of Sparta itself will be erased from earth. Well, why do my thoughts move in that direction? It seems that HP held a bargain blitz clear out and shut down their Palm stores for good.To see Palm […]

HP decides on Palm and webOS future this week
I’m not quite sure what the game plan HP had in mind when they purchased Palm some time ago, but it seems as though that is one plan that had fallen apart at the seams. The HP TouchPad did receive some buzz when it was introduced, but then again the tablet’s sales were stopped barely a month into its release. Signs point towards HP deciding on the future of Palm […]


HP TouchPad Review - With Our Deepest Condolences
HP TouchPad Review - It may look strange to post a review of a dead product, but, hell, it was almost finished when the news broke, and it might make a great digital obituary

HP Terminates WebOS Devices
In the wake of slow sales of WebOS devices, HP has announced that it is terminating its line of WebOS devices, which includes the TouchPad Tablet and the smartphones. HP has announced this as it revealed its quarterly revenue of $32.2 Billion, up slightly when compared to last year.If there’s one thing to take away from this announcement, it is this: competing in the hardware space is extremely tough and […]

Palm Pre and Pixi owners receive $50 mail-in rebate on $599 HP TouchPad
Want a new HP TouchPad, but find its $599 price tag to be rather intimidating? Well, you are one fortunate soul if you happen to own a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi (with the Plus versions of both models), as owners of said smartphones are eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate for the 32GB HP TouchPad. Granted, that is less than 10% of the retail price, but every little bit […]

Unnamed webOS devices spotted
A webOS developer (a forum member of PalmPre France as well) actually managed to uncover new and upcoming machines that HP had been testing – in secret. Among them would be a HP TochPad with a physical keyboard in a log that was dated April 14th, where it sports an unannounced version of the webOS with the codename Nova Dartfish, sporting a 1,024 x 768 resolution for its display. The […]

webOS smartphone could be the Stingray
HP’s upcoming Stingray device could very well be this unnamed and unidentified webOS smartphone device that was caught in the wild. Guesstimates point towards a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, alongside what looks like a front-facing camera – although there is always the possibility of that being a proximity sensor. Currently, there are some unassigned webOS codenames in the rumor mill, which are Mansion, Stingray, and Windsor, and […]

Palm Pre 2 owners receive webOS 2.1
webOS 3.0 might be arriving just around the corner, but it looks like HP isn’t going to be neglecting their current webOS customers. It has been reported that the webOS 2.1 update has started rolling out to Pre 2 phones worldwide. At the moment it’s only the unlocked GSM phones that are getting the update but we can be sure a CDMA version will drop soon. The webOS 2.1 update […]

HP webOS wireless keyboard looks quite familiar
One thing that many folks probably didn’t notice at the HP webOS event was the presence of a really thin webOS keyboard. Take a quick glance at the keyboard and you’ll probably think that it looks familiar, since it looks more or less like a black version of Apple’s wireless keyboard. The keyboard is really slim and HP did a good job of hiding the battery compartment under the curve […]

Rubinstein: Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi not getting webOS 2.0 upgrade
This is bad news for owners of the original Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi, as according to folks to talked who Jon Rubinstein after HP’s webOS event, it has been confirmed that said devices won’t be receiving the previously promised update to webOS 2.0. According to Rubinstein, Palm had missed a product cycle in the midst of its financial troubles and subsequent acquisition by HP and the older products […]

Verizon Palm Pre 2 has a release date
After making its debut in Europe a couple of months ago, it looks like we’ll finally see this webOS 2.0 phone on our shores. According to a screenshot posted on, the Verizon Palm Pre 2 product page has been spotted and it lists the Palm Pre 2 as having a February 17 launch date and it will go for $100 with a 2-year contract. It’s been so long since […]

HP Topaz specs leaked
It’s only fitting that a site named pre central gets the exclusive scoop on HP’s upcoming tablets, and the scoop is what they got. The folks there received a “massive document” that details HP’s plans for the Topaz webOS tablet. While the plans aren’t final, it sure looks like HP is going to release a pretty sweet tablet this year. The Topaz will feature a 9.7″ 1024 x 768 screen, […]