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Wandant Dog Pedometer
So your doctor figured out that you have not had enough exercise, and it is time to stop lazing around and home and doing something about your waistline, no? Well, perhaps things should also change for your dog in terms of physical activity – after all, I am a firm believer of a dog requiring enough exercise, and needs to get his or her daily walk with you as the […]

Striiv smart pedometer with Activity Motivation System
I was at a hospital recently when my eyes caught sight of a poster, urging us to take the stairs instead of the elevator, backing that up with the statement where one can lose up to 5 pounds per year by taking two flights of stairs daily. Basically, we are meant to walk a whole lot more than what our sedentary lifestyles offer these days, and Striiv intends to meet […]

Striiv pedometer help you in your fitness regime
How many of you out there use pedometers in your everyday life? I would suppose folks who keep a close watch on the amount of calories they partake do, and if you are going to go out to purchase a pedometer for yourself, why not go the extra mile and make sure the one that you get is worth every penny? The Striiv pedometer has an interesting name, and nice […]

Fitbit launches Fitbit Ultra
If you’re a bit of a health nut and you find the need to keep track of all your activities throughout the day, Fitbit has just launched the Fitbit Ultra which not only acts as a pedometer but also doubles up as a sleep monitor. 


Bite Counter intends to aid your digestion
The rule of thumb tends to be this – chew your food for at least 40 times before swallowing in order to help your stomach digest whatever you’ve munched faster, not to mention preventing you from being a glutton. Professors from various faculties at Clemson University in South Carolina have come together to work on what they call the Bite Counter – this is a device that you wear around […]

KDDI Mi-Look pedometer targets the elderly
Just what is so special about the KDDI Mi-Look pedometer? For starters, this GPS-capable device will cater for the elderly, as it sports a waterproof body so that a drop into the toilet bowl or a trip to the puddle of water is not going to faze it, while a QVGA display ought to be good enough to let even the elderly check out information on it without having to […]

University study finds Pokewalker is one really accurate pedometer
This is surprising news! Researchers at Iowa State University compared Nintendo’s Pokemom HeartGold and SoulSilver pedometer (included with every copy of the game) with two other similar step counters and found out it was actually the most accurate one of the bunch.Presented at an experimental biology conference by Professor Lorraine Lanningham-Foster who’s been studying the pedometer and its effects on encouraging kids to exercise and participate in physical activities, the […]

Walk off those beers and chocolate bars with special pedometers
Are you constantly feeling guilty about drinking beer or eating chocolate? Well these two gadgets should help you get over that feeling at the bottom of your gut. Called the Beerometer and Chocometer, these two pedometers will ensure you deserve your beer and chocolate intake. All you have to do is clip on the pedometers to yourself, and it will measure the amount of steps you take, then when you […]

Oregon Scientific Partners with Gaiam to Release Fitness Watches Geared at Women
Oregon Scientific revealed some new watches and a pedometer that was created in partnership with Gaiam that targets health-conscious women. The two watches have heart rate monitoring systems and the pedometer features an accelerometer for accurate measurements along with tracking calories burned. All three accessories are avalable at Best Buy retail stores, through the Oregon Scientific Web store, and via REI in October. Click on to read more about the […]

HoMedics MiBody 360 gives comprehensive health readings
The HoMedics MiBody 360 is a device which comprises of a set of scales, blood pressure monitor and pedometer which will communicate with software on your computer, letting you know how you are coming along health-wise after analyzing all the latest readings. Capable of measuring your body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass index and basal metabolic rate, it allows half a dozen users to log up to 30 […]