I was at a hospital recently when my eyes caught sight of a poster, urging us to take the stairs instead of the elevator, backing that up with the statement where one can lose up to 5 pounds per year by taking two flights of stairs daily. Basically, we are meant to walk a whole lot more than what our sedentary lifestyles offer these days, and Striiv intends to meet your walking needs head on with the smart pedometer that can be purchased across all Best Buy outlets here in the US. The Striiv smart pedometer now comes with the Activity Motivation System, where it is capable of accurately tracking your steps while offering the right motivational material to help you walk more throughout the day.

Each step will help Striiv learn more about user behavior, developing personal challenges and goals at the same time to motivate you so that you increase the number of steps taken each day. Striiv Connected will also be launched with the Striiv smart pedometer, where this new, built-in social component will allow you to compete in activity-based challenges with friends and family, including racing for actual “prizes” such as household chores or a cup of coffee.

Expect to fork out $99.95 for the Striiv Smart Pedometer, and if your excuse for not walking more all this while is because of a lack of the right gadget, perhaps it is time to ditch that excuse out of the window.

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