This is surprising news! Researchers at Iowa State University compared Nintendo’s Pokemom HeartGold and SoulSilver pedometer (included with every copy of the game) with two other similar step counters and found out it was actually the most accurate one of the bunch.

Presented at an experimental biology conference by Professor Lorraine Lanningham-Foster who’s been studying the pedometer and its effects on encouraging kids to exercise and participate in physical activities, the pedometer came out on top in terms of counting accurate steps on a treadmill set at four different speeds.

We know that Nintendo is an innovative company, but who knew its Pokewalker was more than meets the eye? What about that Pikachu G/S walker nanopet/Tamgotchi thingy from back in the GBC Pokemon Gold and Silver days? I’m not going to lie, I had one of those things and racking up steps on that thing to turn into “mystery gifts” to transfer over to the GBC Pokemon games was addictive!

Hm. This has me really curious now. Since the Nintendo 3DS has a built-in pedometer, how accurate is that one up against the Pokewalker?

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