So your doctor figured out that you have not had enough exercise, and it is time to stop lazing around and home and doing something about your waistline, no? Well, perhaps things should also change for your dog in terms of physical activity – after all, I am a firm believer of a dog requiring enough exercise, and needs to get his or her daily walk with you as the ‘pack leader’. Fujitsu has come up with the Wandant, which is a neck tag for dogs that is full of sensors, in addition to a cloud-based service that is capable of tracking its wellbeing.

The hardware is capable of logging the number of footsteps – or should I say, paw-steps, each day, in addition to measuring the amount of shivering apart from temperature change, uploading all the data gathered to your smartphone or computer. The software will give you updates from time to time, and you also have the option to manually input additional details such as the amount of food, a diary with photos and stool condition. While the online component is complimentary for the first year, it costs $60 annually afterwards. Available in Japan at the moment, we have seen some other dog pedometers in the past.

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