The rule of thumb tends to be this – chew your food for at least 40 times before swallowing in order to help your stomach digest whatever you’ve munched faster, not to mention preventing you from being a glutton. Professors from various faculties at Clemson University in South Carolina have come together to work on what they call the Bite Counter – this is a device that you wear around your wrist, fooling most folks into thinking that this is a timepiece. It will be able to track wrist-roll motion as part of its effort to count just how many bites the wearer makes before swallowing that morsel.

Reports in labs have shown that the Bite Counter is accurate up to 90% regardless of the food, utensil, container, or user. Interestingly enough, this device can be turned on or off according to your whims and fancy, making it an eating pedometer so to speak.

There are questions that need some answers though – a lot of it has to do with individuals and their style of eating. Some prefer to bite smaller portions in order to savor their food, while another person might take larger bites – with both having the same number of chews.

Perhaps, one day the Bite Counter can be refined to even come with a game on the iPhone or Nintendo 3DS, where you ward off a bunch of invading mouth germs using your touchscreen display, and the number of enemies which appear are proportionate to the amount of food intake that day.

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