“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” I guess plenty of people fall under the first category each and every single minute with the number of phishing scams and e-mails that are sent to inboxes worldwide, and if you are an Xbox Live user, then might we caution you to be on extra alert as some folks have already been scammed by a fake email. It seemed that this phishing attack will send users to a fake site, where they were requested to share personal details such as addresses, emails and credit card details. Currently, Microsoft is looking into the situation, and claims that just a tiny small percentage of users are affected.


According to a Microsoft spokesman, “We take the security of the Xbox Live service seriously and work to improve it against evolving threats. Very occasionally, though, we are contacted by members regarding alleged unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals. We can confirm that only a small percentage of Xbox Live customers have been affected here in the UK. We highly recommend all Xbox Live users follow our account security guidance in order to protect their account details.”

Having said that, we too, as consumers, ought to be more careful and vigilant on our part to make sure that we do not share our personal and sensitive information too easily, and always confirm with the vendor or service provider on whether it was them who sent you that e-mail before responding accordingly.

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