Pioneer Transparent Display Concept

Advertisers are always on the lookout to find new ways to bring the message to the masses, that you ought to buy, buy, and buy even more because your life is not complete if you do not have the latest smartphone, the best tablet, the “greenest” car, or the biggest TV around. In their quest to do so, they have explored plenty of different ways of doing so, and print, […]

Pioneer Smart Car Cockpit Concept

[CEATEC 2013] Sure, smartphones, phablets and tablets might be all the rage, but this does not mean that there are no other avenues for smart devices. No sir, vehicles have become smarter these days, too, and it does seem as though the ceiling has yet to be reached. Far from it, and at Pioneer’s booth, you have a driver’s cockpit that certainly looks extremely futuristic, although I do not think […]

Pioneer To Grace CEATEC 2013 With High Tech In-Vehicle Technology

CEATEC 2013 is about to be upon us in a week’s time, and you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of Japanese firms (as well as others in the consumer electronics industry) will be making a beeline there. Expect Pioneer Electronics to be there at the Makuhari Messe this coming October 1st, (forgive me for my interpretation of some machine translation as the original story was in Japanese) where […]

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 Is For The DJ On A Budget

If you have plans of becoming a DJ but don’t have money to afford professional equipment, or if you simply need some DJ tools to do some mixes at home, Pioneer has announced the DDJ-WeGO2 DJ console that will be the successor of the DDJ-WeGO. Given Pioneer’s success in the DJ industry, especially with its higher-end offerings, we expect that the WeGO2 will have some standards as well. The WeGO2 […]


Pioneer XDJ-R1 Wireless All-In-One DJ System

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is the first wireless DJ system of its kind that plays nice with iOS-powered devices.

Pioneer To Offer 3D Hologram Prints Of Ultrasound Images

The other day we reported that an artist had picked up pieces of DNA retrieved from public places and used them to print 3D portraits, which we have to say is pretty creepy. Now it looks like Pioneer is hoping to do the same thing, except that instead of picking up random pieces of DNA, they will instead offer to print a 3D holographic image of an unborn baby’s expression […]

Pioneer’s drool-worthy Serato-equipped DJ controller and mixer

Serato’s DJ software has not only become an industry standard, but a cultural touchstone: remember Kanye’s “You ain’t got no Yeezy in Serato?” As a result, better controllers for Serato have been coming out at a rapid pace for the last year, but the $1200 Pioneer DDJ-SX may be the best one yet. As an instrument, it features eight velocity-sensitive performance pads, a four-channel standalone mixer, and two big jog wheels that […]

Pioneer Augmented Reality Heads Up Display

[CEATEC 2012] So here we are roaming the CEATEC 2012 showfloor, and definitely when you have a potent mix of testosterone with vehicles and technology, the man in us has rolled back the years, where we end up as starry eyed kids. What you see in the video after the jump would be a fake dashboard of an Audi R8 (would we love to have this in our garage!), sporting […]

Pioneer X-CM31 is smallest audio system to date

We seem to be pretty much pre-occupied by superlatives, and when it comes to the world of consumer electronics, this bit deep down inside of us remains the same. After all, who does not want to own the thinnest display in the world (apparently the latest claimant to that particular record has decided on using soap water as one of the “components”, if you can call it that), or how […]

Pioneer unveils SMA wireless speakers with HTC Connect support

If you’re in the market for a set of wireless speakers, Pioneer has recently taken the wraps off three new speaker devices as part of its SMA lineup. This consists of the XW-SMA1, the XW-SMA3 and the XW-SMA4. Starting with the XW-SMA1, this speaker feature dual 3” speakers along with a soft dome tweeter. It also comes equipped with a bass reflex port which is said to help enhance the […]

Pioneer AR-enabled Car Navigation System with HUD

We caught a prototype of the Pioneer AR-enabled Car Navigation System with HUD at CEATEC last year, and while that was just a prototype, Pioneer has announced the final version known as the “Cyber Navi.” Hmmm, that alone makes it sound as though it came right out from the movie “Avatar”, but I digress. You will be able to choose from the AVIC-VH99HUD (1D + 1D unit) and the lower […]

Pioneer unveils SE-MJ591 and SE-NC21M headphones

Music lovers, if you’re looking for a set of new headphones to use while on the move, Pioneer has recently outed two new headphones. One of which is aimed at audiophiles and the other aimed at those looking for a noise cancellation feature in their headphones. Both the SE-MJ591 and SE-NC21M are touted as being lightweight, foldable and will come with a carrying case for traveling.

Pioneer Launches ZYPR Mobile API and Revenue Sharing Model

Pioneer has just announced that it has launched its voice-powered ZYPR API for mobile and embedded applications like smartphone, tablets and automotive entertainment systems. The idea behind ZYPR is quite simple: there are dozens or hundreds of web services today, and each of them provide their own set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to access data. ZYPR is designed to unify all of them into a single API.

Pioneer Music Tap plays just about any media

Most of us stash our music collection across a wide range of devices as well as on the cloud, where some tracks are placed on Amazon, while others are cleverly stashed away on iPods of numerous generations, with a fair number of hard drives securing your music collection as well. The Pioneer Music Tap does not really care where all your media is stored though – it will be able […]