drone-only-spaceWhile drones have been looked at as tools for photographers and videographers, sometimes they do get in the way and pose a potential danger. In fact recently the FAA has released a report in which they claim that pilots have started to see drones in higher altitudes. The sightings have increased rather dramatically according to the numbers.

Last year it was reported that there were about 238 drone sightings by pilots, but fast forward to today, that number has almost tripled to more than 650 sighting as of August 2015. In a statement made by the FAA, “The FAA wants to send out a clear message that operating drones around airplanes and helicopters is dangerous and illegal. Unauthorized operators may be subject to stiff fines and criminal charges, including possible jail time.”

Previously we had reported that recent firefighting efforts had been hindered due to drones getting in the way of rescue helicopters and planes. This prompted a new bill to be put forward in which it legally allows firefighters to ground drones should they deem that the drones are indeed in their way, thus preventing drone owners from crying foul.

We have also heard stories of how drones were found invading the privacy of someone’s backyard, forcing a father to shoot down the drone when he claimed that it was hovering over where his daughters were at, although it could not be confirmed if the drone was simply in the area or if it was spying for real.

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