Sony Days of Play 2018 Sale Offers Great Discounts On PS4

Sony’s annual Days of Play sale is back and it’s offering some great discounts on games and the PlayStation 4 console. The company is even selling a limited edition Days of Play PS4 in blue and gold color that’s going to be available for a limited time only. The deals will be available through participating retailers across the United States and Canada.

Sony Says They’ve Discussed The Idea Of A PlayStation Classic

With Nintendo experiencing a surprising amount of success with the release of the NES Classic and SNES Classic mini consoles, it wasn’t surprising to see other companies hop on board with similar mini releases of their own. So that begs the question, will Sony or Microsoft follow suit?

Analyst Claims Next-Gen Xbox & PlayStation Will Arrive In 2020

Many are understandably curious as to what the future might hold for consoles. Could companies be looking to launch brand new consoles, or could it be like the analysts predict and that we might see incremental upgrades with every refresh? That definitely remains to be seen, but as far as one analyst is concerned, 2020 could be the year we see next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Free PS Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita Will End Next Year

A PlayStation Plus subscription provides more than just online gaming capabilities. Subscribers also get a couple of games for free every month. Sony provides free games to subscribers who own a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita but things are going to change next year. Sony has confirmed that the free PlayStation Plus games lineup will not include titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita starting next year. Subscribers […]


PlayStation Plus March 2018 Lineup Includes Bloodborne

Now that February is over, Sony has revealed the free PlayStation Plus games lineup for the coming month. Those who subscribe to the service will be happy to know that one of the games in March 2018’s lineup is Bloodborne. The award-winning action RPG has been very well received and PlayStation Plus owners will now be able to get it for free.

Sony Unveils New Gold Wireless Headset Coming Later This Month

Sony has introduced a new Gold Wireless Headset that it’s going to start selling to customers later this month. The company says that the new design has been developed to provide enhanced comfort and performance which becomes absolutely essential during those long gaming sessions. Sony confirms that the new Gold Wireless Headset is going to be available in the United States in the next few weeks.

Nike PG-2 Sneakers Are Inspired By Sony’s PlayStation Console

If you’re like Oklahoma City Thunder player Paul George and love sneakers and Sony’s PlayStation console, then you’re definitely going to like Nike’s new PG-2 sneakers. Nike created the PG-2 in collaboration with Sony and George. It’s the NBA star’s latest signature shoe and since he considers himself to be one of the biggest gamers in the league, he wanted a shoe that represented his love for the PlayStation when […]

Sony Introduces The PlayStation Credit Card

If you’re a PlayStation gamer that makes purchases through the PlayStation Store quite a bit and would like to get rewarded for your purchases, you might be interested to learn that Sony has announced the PlayStation credit card, thanks to a partnership with Sony Rewards and Capital One.

Sony Announces Updated PlayStation VR Model

While we’ve seen the various virtual reality (VR) headsets in the market undergo upgrades and improvements, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset hasn’t seen that much changes, or at least until recently where Sony announced on its PlayStation Blog that there will be an updated PlayStation VR headset on its way.

Former PlayStation Exclusive ‘Flower’ Makes Its Way Onto iOS

Chances are even if you’ve never owned a PlayStation, you might have heard of a game developer called thatgamecompany, who has in the past put out some pretty amazing titles such as Journey. However before Journey, the company also had some other titles to their name, one of which is a game called “Flower” which has since found its way onto iOS devices.

PlayStation Boss Sees ‘Limited Potential’ For Handheld Gaming

Ever wonder what happened to Sony’s PS Vita console? Back in 2015, it was reported that gamers probably shouldn’t expect to see a successor anytime soon, and last year there were also rumors that the console could be discontinued in North America. If you’re still holding out on the hope that Sony will have a new console soon, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it really doesn’t seem like it […]

Microsoft Talking To Sony About PlayStation-Xbox Crossplay

There are plenty of titles that enable Xbox gamers to crossplay with gamers on PC, and vice versa. However, crossplay between different platforms hasn’t been possible because Sony didn’t seem interested in it. Microsoft is open to the idea, though, of enabling Xbox and PlayStation gamers to play each other online. The company has now confirmed that it’s in talks with Sony for PlayStation-Xbox crossplay.

Analyst Predicts PlayStation 5 Will Be Launched In 2019

Sony’s PS4 Pro was only recently launched, but it seems that the talk about the PlayStation 5 has already begun. Speaking to GamingBolt, analyst Michael Pachter has suggested that the PS5 could be launched as soon as 2019, and that the console will be a “half step” upgrade, similar to how the PS4 Pro was considered a “half step” over the PS4.

Sony PlayStation Video App For Android TV Released

Sony’s PlayStation Video app is a great resource if you want to watch movies and TV shows that you have already purchased through the PlayStation Store. Android TV feels like a natural home for this app as it will enable users to view that content on the biggest screen in their home. Sony has figured that out as well which is why the company has released the PlayStation Video app […]