Plex Cloud enables Plex users to play media they have saved in a cloud storage service. When it was first announced, Plex said that Amazon Cloud Drive was the first storage service that this feature supported. It’s also the first service that it’s dropping support for. Plex Amazon Cloud Drive support is going to end come December 31st.

What this means is that Amazon Cloud Drive users will no longer be able to stream movies or music directly to Plex. They will not be able to do this come December 31st.

Plex decided to make this decision as it was unable to resolve the issues that it was facing with integration Amazon Cloud Drive with Plex Cloud. It says that the challenges associated with this “have proven insurmountable at this time.”

The company adds that while the Plex Cloud team has been working hard to address the issues, it has been unable to properly integrated Amazon Cloud Drive with Plex Cloud. This is why it has been decided to remove Amazon Cloud Drive as a storage option for Plex Cloud “for the foreseeable future.”

Those who signed up for Amazon Cloud Drive after Plex Cloud was originally announced, they still have time to cancel in the 90 day free trial period if they don’t need it for anything else. Those who want to continue using Plex Cloud can opt for other services that work just fine with it, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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