[CES 2011] Cloud Engines, the company behind PogoPlug, has announced PogoPlug Video, a new version of the PogoPlug software that can stream video to any connected device – without requiring video conversion or uploads. For instance, PogoPlug can stream AVCHD (a standard format used by most camcorders) video to another device without conversion. Note that even YouTube doesn’t support the AVCHD format as an upload today, and that most mobile device don’t support AVCHD natively. However, it will “just work” with PogoPlug Video.

This means less work for camcorder users who can just shoot, then copy their movies to the drive attached to PogoPlug – no conversion or web upload needed. The PogoPlug video looks like the previous PogoPlug device and will retail for $199 starting on March 1 2001.

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