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Popcorn Time Is Back With A Vengeance With ‘Popcorn Time Online’
There is the argument that by blocking VPNs, Netflix will basically transform paying customers watching shows legally, to potential pirates especially since they will no longer be able to access their favorite shows, assuming that those shows aren’t available in their current region. Turns out Popcorn Time has decided that maybe this is their time to shine.

Popcorn Time For The Web Gets Shut Down
A couple of days ago, Popcorn Time which prior to this existed as a piece of software for computers, launched a web version which basically brought about the same streaming features except that users could stream the movies on the web instead of having to use the app to stream videos.Safe to say this was quite a hit but unsurprisingly, copyright owners weren’t too thrilled and the owner of the […]

Netflix For Pirates Can Now Stream Directly To Web Browsers
The Popcorn Time app was released earlier this year, it is more commonly known as Netflix for pirates, because it streams copyrighted movies and TV shows from torrent files as seamlessly as you stream a title on Netflix. It also operates in a legal grey area because technically the user doesn’t download the illegal copy on their machine. If users didn’t quite like using the native app there’s another way to use […]

Aurous Is Like Popcorn Time For Music
A new music streaming service has been launched, called Aurous, it’s unlike the mainstream music streaming services some of which offer an ad-supported free version while many others do not. Rather Aurous takes its inspiration from Popcorn Time, a service that instantly streams TV shows and movies from torrents, earning itself the name “Netflix for pirates.”


75,000 Popcorn Time Users Can Expect A “Surprise” In The Mail
Popcorn Time is illegal. In fact not too long ago we’ve seen users of the service land themselves in trouble. Heck, even those who write guides about the service can get into trouble, but it seems that if you think that you’re safe because you’re hiding behind thousands of other users who use the service, think again.A report from TorrentFreak has revealed that Norwegian anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has basically […]

Popcorn Time Users Sued By Movie Studio In The US
Popcorn Time, an online torrent streaming service that has been described as the Netflix for pirates seems to be landing users in a fair bit of trouble these days. Recently we reported that two men in Denmark were arrested for creating guides on using Popcorn Time, and now in the US, users are being sued by a movie studio.To be more specific, 11 users who allegedly pirated the movie “The […]

Danish Police Arrest Two For Creating Popcorn Time Guides
Can’t be bothered to wait for your torrents to finish downloading? You might be familiar with the website called Popcorn Time which has been billed as the Netflix for pirates. Basically it allows users to stream their torrents so you can watch your content without having to wait for it to fully download.While it is illegal, we have to admit that it is pretty clever. Unfortunately it seems that being […]

Popcorn Time For iOS Sees More Than 1 Million Downloads
Popcorn Time, usually referred to as the Netflix for pirates, was released on iOS devices last year but the catch was that you needed to jailbreak your device. A non-jailbreak equivalent was released by the team a couple of months ago and now according to them, it seems that the number of downloads for non-jailbroken iOS devices has since crossed the 1 million mark.Speaking to VentureBeat, the team behind Popcorn […]

'Netflix For Pirates' Will Now Work In Your Browser
Popcorn Time is a service of sorts which makes it very easy for people to watch pirated movies on their computers and mobile devices, it is commonly referred to as the “Netflix for pirates.” Desktop users have had to install an application to stream pirated movies but now they no longer have to do that because the Netflix for pirates will work in the browser, kind of like the regular Netflix.

Popcorn Time For iOS Can Now Be Installed Without Jailbreaking
As if torrents and filesharing websites weren’t a thorn in the side of the movie industry, along comes Popcorn Times which is basically the equivalent of Netflix for pirates. Now the good news for iOS users is that if you’ve always wanted the ability to stream Popcorn Time on your mobile device, you’re in luck.Now before you’re wondering how could Apple let an app like Popcorn Time into their stores, […]

Netflix Faces Stiff Competition From Popcorn Time In The Netherlands
Without a doubt piracy affects the amount of money movie studios and record labels make. After all some people would much rather stream or download illegally than to pay full price for a show they might only watch once. That being said, is there a particular service or medium that is causing operators grief?In the case of Netflix, it seems that the issue here is Popcorn Time. For those unfamiliar, […]

Popcorn Time For iOS Released
If you’re someone who isn’t really concerned about the legality of watching pirated TV shows and movies then Popcorn Time is meant for you. It is often referred to as the Netflix for pirates and has been around on the desktop and Android for quite some time now. Today Popcorn Time for iOS has been released, allowing people to view pirated content on their iPhones and iPads.