The Popcorn Time app was released earlier this year, it is more commonly known as Netflix for pirates, because it streams copyrighted movies and TV shows from torrent files as seamlessly as you stream a title on Netflix. It also operates in a legal grey area because technically the user doesn’t download the illegal copy on their machine. If users didn’t quite like using the native app there’s another way to use Popcorn Time, it’s now capable of streaming directly into web browsers.

Many of us stream content in the web browser, be it YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime, native apps just aren’t that easy on the desktop as simply launching the site in a web browser can be.

Browser Popcorn replicates that experience, it’s basically Popcorn Time so users get access to all of the content, but it exists within the browser only. Users are no longer required to download an app, they simply visit the Browser Popcorn website which displays all available content in an interface similar to the Popcorn Time app.

This obviously eliminates the need for users to visit torrent sites and then download the content, the user interface is inspired from Netflix so it’s much easier to navigate and find content to stream.

Once users come across a title they want to watch, they just click on a button and it streams instantly, the entire experience is very seamless.

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