piracyPopcorn Time is illegal. In fact not too long ago we’ve seen users of the service land themselves in trouble. Heck, even those who write guides about the service can get into trouble, but it seems that if you think that you’re safe because you’re hiding behind thousands of other users who use the service, think again.

A report from TorrentFreak has revealed that Norwegian anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has basically sent out a rather thinly-veiled threat to about 75,000 of Popcorn Time’s users. According to the group, “We are sitting today with a record of some users of [Popcorn Time] in Norway. These are records we can lawfully use, and it could be that someone gets a little surprise in the mail in the form of a letter. It’s probable that something will happen in the fall.”

While it is unclear as to what the letter will contain, safe to say that it will most likely be in the form of a legal letter warning them of their copyright infringement, or worse it might even contain a lawsuit. However what’s disturbing isn’t so much the potential lawsuit, but rather the fact that these IP addresses have been harvested for personal information, like the home address of these users.

However like we pointed out earlier, Popcorn Time is illegal and its creators have even clearly stated so on its website, but if users choose to use the service they are doing so at their own risk, so a legal warning in the mail shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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