A new music streaming service has been launched, called Aurous, it’s unlike the mainstream music streaming services some of which offer an ad-supported free version while many others do not. Rather Aurous takes its inspiration from Popcorn Time, a service that instantly streams TV shows and movies from torrents, earning itself the name “Netflix for pirates.”

Torrents are the easiest way of distributing pirated content, there’s no shortage of music, TV shows and movies floating around the internet through torrents and despite repeated attempts by rights holders to get a handle on piracy it continues to thrive.

So it’s no surprise that services like Aurous pop up, the desktop app was launched for Windows, Linux and OSX today, it’s a rather simple user interface that takes inspiration from Spotify.

Users can quickly search by song title, album name or artist. Aurous will then stream the music instead of downloading the copy to the computer. This is where it enters a legal grey area and while there are concerns that the service might be shut down, the developer says that even if the website is shut down the app will continue to work without any problems.

Aurous users are promised no intrusive ads and the ability to import playlists from services such as YouTube, Pandora and others. There’s support for FLAC, WAV, OGG, OPUS and WebA formats so compatibility isn’t going to be an issue.

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