browser-popcornA couple of days ago, Popcorn Time which prior to this existed as a piece of software for computers, launched a web version which basically brought about the same streaming features except that users could stream the movies on the web instead of having to use the app to stream videos.

Safe to say this was quite a hit but unsurprisingly, copyright owners weren’t too thrilled and the owner of the website, a 15-year old who has identified himself as Milan Kragujevic, claims to have received a cease and desist order from the MPAA. Prior to this, Kragujevic had attempted to switch domains and move it to another site, but apparently decided to call it quits shortly after.

In a statement released by Kragujevic, “It was a nice ride, but it’s time to move on. I will be distancing myself from further development of Browser Popcorn.” He also goes on to claim that the reason for the website wasn’t so much about piracy, but rather an experiment with streaming technology, which safe to say has failed.

To replace the web version of Popcorn Time, Kragujevic tells Motherboard that he will put a movie recommendation service in its place, and that he might release his source code for Browser Popcorn in which it is possible that someone else might pick up where he left off in the future.

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