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PopFab is a 3D printer in a briefcase
3D printing has certainly come a long way since its inception some years back, and MIT’s Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek have brought the idea of 3D printing to the portable realm with the creation of PopFab – a briefcase-sized 3D printer, which also doubles up as a CNC milling machine, vinyl cutter, and programmable drawing tool. Specially designed to cater for a more freelance and nomadic lifestyle, PopFab will […]

Clog-free ink jet printer inspired by human eye
Science has always been inspired by nature, just take a look at how flight was invented after meticulous studies on a bird’s wing structure and what not. Well, ink jet printers can be said to be the most popular kind of printers in the world compared to the more expensive laser brethren, but one problem that has plagued ink jet printers since time immemorial would be clogged printer nozzles that […]

Manual 3D Sandcastle Printer
So, those of us living in tropical countries or who reside in the northern hemisphere and are about to experience summer, a trip to the nearest beach (or one that is far away will also do) is certainly worth looking into – especially building memories with your little ones are one of the best ways to a positive memorable childhood, instead of just being an absentee parent who showers gifts […]

3D printer does faux blood vessels
We have seen some pretty cool pairs of 3D printed shoes just earlier this morning, and here we are with more news on what a 3D printer is capable of – researchers who hail from the University of Pennsylvania and MIT have managed to achieve the triumph of printing 3D filament networks which might serve the role of blood vessels sometime down the road. This is made possible thanks to […]


Circle concept printer does not even look like one
Ah, the printer – this is one peripheral that has not exactly seen a design revolution as compared to the rest of the computer. Notebooks have evolved to netbooks in the past as part of the branch, and now we are moving towards the Ultrabook category which is extremely thin to rival that of the MacBook Air. As for printers? Most of us own inkjet printers, while some others prefer […]

Star Micronics SM-T300 mobile printer for smartphones
While we all know that a smartphone has plenty of processing firepower to put desktop computers from 15 or more years ago to shame, there is also the question of expanding the functionality of your smartphone. What happens when you want to print out a particular page, recipe, document or email from the handset’s internal memory? This is where the Star Micronics SM-T300 mobile printer comes in handy, where it […]

Laser erases printed paper
Using a pencil is great when writing, since you can always erase any errors away, but when ink or powder is involved, it gets a whole lot trickier. You cannot just erase a printed paper from your inkjet or laser printer, can you? Well, technological advancements might just change that line of thinking, thanks to a new method that was discovered by an engineering team at the University of Cambridge […]

Lantronix xPrintServer lets iOS devices print from almost any printer
We know that some of you guys out there probably have a favorite printer that just seems so reliable. It never gives you trouble and all you have to do is change its ink from time to time. The only drawback is that you want to print from your iPhone or iPad but that printer does not have AirPrint, what do you do? Well it looks like Lantronix is here […]

Canon Pixma Pro-1 unveiled
So we heard that the Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer will be delayed due to floods that are currently threatening to bring Bangkok to a standstill, but that does not mean the show has stopped. No sir, a media event in New York City saw Canon announce their latest flagship photo printer, otherwise known as the Pixma Pro-1. Canon claims that this is the first A3+ printer in the world that […]

Origo 3D Printer caters for kids
While we’ve looked at how the wonders of miniaturization have turned the Roland iModela iM-01 into an extremely small 3D printer, here is the Origo 3D Printer that might change the way the world works. Still in the prototype stage, the Origo 3D Printer was specially designed for kids, letting their imagination run free so that they can design and churn out their very own toys. Developed by Artur Tchoukanov […]

Epson WorkForce range multiplies
Epson is a name that is synonymous with quality printers, and their latest attempt sees an expansion of the WorkForce line, sporting new all-in-one machines that are touted to offer superior performance for smaller businesses and organizations. The Epson WorkForce 435, 545, 645 and 845 are capable of offering performance as well as savings, being touted to boast the world’s fastest print speeds and mobile printing capabilities via Epson Connect […]

Bacteria harnessed as nature's 3D printer
3D printing has clearly gotten far more affordable these days thanks to the advancement in technology, but that doesn’t mean such printers are dirt cheap as the inkjets that you see lurking on store shelves all over the place. Folks over at IDEO are currently working hand-in-hand with scientists in order to find a way to have E. coli bacteria form objects, such as a coffee cup, whenever it is […]

SWYP - See What You Print concept
Remember the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) acronym that made waves more than a decade ago? It seems that the printing world has a new acronym to grapple with – SWYP, which stands for See What You Print. Regardless of how a printer is presented in an advertisement, they all come with some software to install and an LCD display that is hardly decent enough for your […]

HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 shoots photographs too
Most of the printers available to consumers today have pretty much reached a plateau in terms of functionality, and quality so it usually boils down to what extra features manufacturers throw in or how low prices can go. Well HP’s recently announced printer at the annual global conference in Shanghai, China takes the former route by adding a unique feature to the device: the ability to take photographs with the […]