Remember the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) acronym that made waves more than a decade ago? It seems that the printing world has a new acronym to grapple with – SWYP, which stands for See What You Print. Regardless of how a printer is presented in an advertisement, they all come with some software to install and an LCD display that is hardly decent enough for your eyes. With SWYP, things might change.


This concept printer is shaped after a very thick sheet of paper, sporting a multi-touch touchscreen display at the top, where the printing hardware will remain below the area, where the touchscreen is mean to represent the editing and printing area. Basically, what your eyes see on the display is exactly what will appear on the sheet of A4 paper after that. Basically, there is no need for any software or hardware, as SWYP will be your printing canvas.

As the touchscreen is the same size as the paper, this means it will always a 100% accurate when it comes to your printout. The touchscreen interface will also represent the printer’s innards, showing off a clear indicator of just how much actual ink the cartridge has left. This idea could certainly make do with plenty of improvements, and hopefully it won’t end up guzzling a whole lot of juice with the display itself.

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