xbox_one_sRecently some details about Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio” was revealed which is that unlike the Xbox One or the Xbox One S, Scorpio will not be featuring ESRAM. The reason for this is because Microsoft wants to ensure that developers do not create Scorpio-only games, which would essentially alienate Xbox One and Xbox One S gamers.

This has led to some wondering about whether or not this means that the console will be able to do native games in 4K. The good news is that the answer is yes. This is according to a reply by Xbox boss Phil Spencer in response to a gamer (via GameSpot) in which he confirmed that native 4K gaming will be available for Scorpio.

Spencer later adds in another tweet, “Honest my focus is just on getting games ready to show and play. That will be the explanation. I’m confident in the results.” So far some developers have expressed how much more powerful Scorpio is than what they previously thought. Some even claim that the PS4 Pro is a “half-assed upgrade” when compared to Project Scorpio.

That being said, we guess there is still quite a bit of confusion over the console at the moment, but as Microsoft had previously stated, the console might not be shown off at least until E3 2017, so we guess there’s still a bit of waiting and speculation to be done.

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