microsoft logoProject Spartan, for those who missed Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement, will be the default browser when it comes to the Windows 10 platform. New operating system, new browser, we guess we can see where Microsoft is coming from, but what about older builds of Windows, like those on Windows 7?

Can Windows 7 users expect to get Project Spartan on their computers as well? The semi-good news is that Microsoft has not ruled out the possibility. According to the IE Dev Chat Twitter account, this is something Microsoft is keeping an eye on and if there is enough demand from Windows 7 users, bringing Project Spartan onto Windows 7 is a possibility. “Spartan is currently targeted at Win10. We’re focused on getting ppl upgraded (free) but will watch Win7 demand.”

However Microsoft stated that the goal is to upgrade as many users to Windows 10 as possible, and given that the first year of Windows 10 will be a free upgrade, Microsoft will be banking on that to get as many converts as possible. As it stands Windows 7 is still the dominant Windows operating system, despite the fact that Windows 8/8.1 was meant to be its successor.

Mainstream support for the platform has since come to an end with Microsoft no longer selling it to OEMs, so it will be interesting to see that once Windows 10 has been released if there will be enough demand for Microsoft to warrant bringing Project Spartan onto Windows 7, but what do you guys think? Or are you planning to upgrade to Windows 10 already?

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