Voice Activated R2-D2 makes toys a little bit geekier than it already is

Artoo, as he is affectionately known in the world of Star Wars, is back in a new form from Hammacher as the Voice Activated R2-D2. This motorized replica is smart enough to respond to various voice commands, going up and about rooms as well as hallways in his usual gait. Capable of obeying over 40 voice commands (“Turn around!,” “Move forward two units!” are just two of those), he can even indulge in some games like tag, relying on a built-in infrared sensor to search for people in a room. Said sensor also allows him to tail you, putting dogs that are learning how to heel to shame. His look is complete with a swiveling dome top and distinctive happy and sad sounds which will make you seem as though you have the real deal, and not George Lucas. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries and four D batteries, the Voice Activated R2-D2 ain’t cheap at $199.95 a pop.

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