When somebody mentions a remote controlled helicopter, “lethal” is probably one of the last things that will come to mind.  But if you’re staring at the Shadowhawk, you’ll probably be thinking other wise. After three years of development, the folks over at Vanguard Defense have released the Shadowhawk helicopter – a remote controlled helicopter that shoots stun batons, shotgun shells or grenades at bad guys.

The Shadowhawk is a 7-foot long beast of a machine. It weights 49lbs, and travels at speeds of up to 70mph. It comes in two flavors of engines: turbine which can stay in the air for up to an hour or piston that can stay up in the air for 2.5 hours. It features basic CCD TV optics, FLIR capability, thermal cameras, “fully autonomous avionics” package, laser pointers, illuminators, range finders and 37mm or 40mm grenade launchers. There is also a slot that can be used to fir 12 gauge shotgun rounds with a laser designator.

If you’re looking for an RC helicopter that flies, shoots and kills – the Shadowhawk is going to be right up your alley. However, no prices have been listed for the Shadowhawk, though we’re pretty sure it’s not going to come cheap. Find out more.

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