Well I don’t know about you guys, but I know what I want for Christmas – the Griffin Helo TC iOS app controlled helicopter. I know it’s only July but Griffin has plans to release this toy during the Christmas season. RC (remote control) hobbyists are probably thinking to themselves, aren’t there better looking, more powerful helicopters that I can get? Sure there are, like the AR.Drone quad-copter, but it will set you back 240 GBP, while the Helo TC will only cost 34.99 GBP ($50). If you’re on a budget, then the choice should be pretty obvious.

The accompanying app for the Helo TC will give you the option of either controlling the helicopter via an on-screen joystick or you can use the iPhone’s accelerometer by tilting the phone around. However as fun as it might sound, your joy may be shortlived in the sense that the Helo TC can only fly for about ten minutes on a full charge, which will supposedly take about half an hour to get there. Then again, exactly how long do you expect to fly this thing anyway?

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