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RIM will continue making phones with physical keyboards
So far based on the alleged leaked photos we’ve seen of Blackberry 10 handsets, it appears that full touchscreen would be one of its selling features. That being said, RIM’s series of Blackberry devices have been known for their comfortable and easy to use physical keyboards, but will the company ditch that particular strategy and design in favor of full touchscreen phones like its iOS, Android and Windows Phone competition? […]

RIM says quality apps are coming to BlackBerry App World
Following RIM’s launch of BlackBerry 10 at the BlackBerry 10 Jam, is Research In Motion’s plan to set up a certification program for its developers who will create high quality applications on its platform. RIM is preparing program with new incentives for the developers who will be participating.It’s been announced that the chosen developers who can build a “quality” app that RIM likes can win as much as $10,000, which […]

RIM unveils NFC enabled Blackberry Music Gateway
During the Blackberry Solutions Showcase in Orlando, RIM unveiled the Blackberry Music Gateway which allows users to stream music on their Blackberry devices onto another device simply by pairing it with either Bluetooth, or NFC which can be found in some Blackberry phones such as the Bold 9900. This would essentially turn Blackberry devices or even the Playbook tablet into a wireless remote control for wireless music playback. While ideally […]

RIM admits being responsible to "Wake Up" campaign
 Days after the “Wake Up” campaign in Australia and the culprit has yet to be named as the accusations remain unproven. But a new piece to the puzzle has emerged. Research In Motion has issued a shocking statement this morning. Richelle Gillet, account director of Spectrum Communications for BlackBerry said that RIM Australia is the one responsible for the protest that sparked a lot of controversy, even involving Apple nemesis […]


No new phones will be unveiled at Blackberry World 2012
Fans and loyalists of RIM’s Blackberry devices are no doubt hoping that the company will be unveiling new handsets come Blackberry World 2012. The event is scheduled for later this week and given that the Bold 9900 was introduced at last year’s Blackberry World, many are no doubt hoping for something similar unveiling of new hardware. Unfortunately it looks like fans will be in for a disappointment as a RIM […]

More photos of RIM's Blackberry 10 developer handset surface
A couple of days ago we reported that photos of the upcoming Blackberry 10 phone that will be handed out to developers has been spotted. Now it looks like more photos of higher quality have emerged and to be honest the device does look pretty sleek. For those who might have missed the news, RIM will be giving out Blackberry 10 developer phones to some Blackberry 10 developers and will […]

BlackBerry 10 development phone photos revealed, yes they are gorgeous
A few days ago, we wrote about RIM’s BlackBerry 10 device that is expected to be launched sometime in August this year. Our associate editor, Tyler, wrote about a rumored full touchscreen BlackBerry phone that will be released in the first half of October. Hanging on to the rumor, we just learned that a bunch of photos of a supposed BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device has been leaked via CrackBerry […]

RIM's first Blackberry 10 device rumored to launch mid-August, released in October
RIM’s “savior” is expected to be in the form of the company’s upcoming Blackberry 10 platform and the devices that accompany it. So far we’ve seen alleged leaks of phones that are supposed to be from the Blackberry 10 lineup but unfortunately nothing has been confirmed yet. It has been mentioned that we could very well see the first Blackberry 10 device in the later half of 2012, but thanks […]

BlackBerry Playbook receives Sony PlayStation emulator
RIM (Research In Motion) did tease about a high-profile app for the BlackBery PlayBook that could arrive as soon as next Monday, but in the mean time, here is a bit of news which might just introduce a skip to your step for this evening – it seems that the PlayBook will be on the receiving end of a PlayStation emulator, a console that was released all the way back […]

Gazelle reports that Blackberry trade-ins have risen by 80% over the last month
RIM certainly looks like they are in trouble. So far reports of the company have not painted their situation in a favorable light and it looks like their customers are starting to feel a little skittish. This has manifested itself in a rise of Blackberry phones being traded in, according to online trade-in website Gazelle. 

RIM Launches BlackBerry Curve 9220 at $215
Research in Motion (RIM), the struggling creator of the BlackBerry smartphone has unveiled its latest device at an event in New Delhi, India today. The new BlackBerry Curve 9220 seems like a tool to lure the Symbian using customers from the Windows Phone line of devices and given both the company’s torrential year this seems like a viable strategy. The 9220 is priced at Rs10,990 ($215) and RIM execs claim […]

Playbook OS update documentation hints at upcoming 4G Playbook device?
Yes, we know that RIM eventually plans to offer a 4G Playbook tablet. In fact, a while back images of an alleged 4G capable Playbook were leaked online and now it looks like more evidence is starting to point towards that being a possibility in the near future. In the latest Playbook OS update, heading over to the help section will reveal instructions on how to insert a micro SIM […]

Oracle considered buying RIM or Palm at some point
Oracle is definitely not the first company that comes to mind when you think about smartphones, but it seems that at one point in time they were close to changing that perception. According to Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison, the company did at one point consider building a smartphone of its own and had RIM and Palm in its sights as potential acquisitions. However as it turns out, RIM was too […]

Blackberry Curve 9320 leaked in T-Mobile snafu
I guess T-Mobile had not been all too careful, as a prematurely published listing showed the existence of a Blackberry Curve 9320, and The Inquirer managed to make a meal out of it with a screenshot before the mistake was realized, and subsequently, the listing removed from the Internet. This comes across as little too late though, and we now know that the Blackberry Curve 9320 will be making its […]