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Apple, RIM and Samsung hit with patent lawsuit
It looks like Apple, RIM and Samsung have been hit with a lawsuit that claims that the companies have violated upon a patent pertaining to touchscreens. A shell company from Texas has accused the companies and their products, namely the iPhone, iPad, the Blackberry Playbook and Galaxy tablets of infringing on their patents for smartphone gestures such as dragging, double tapping, scrolling and single tapping. These patents were issued to […]

Microsoft to purchase stake in RIM?
There is a new rumor going around that struggling smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM), who churns out the once hugely popular (still is in the White House) BlackBerry smartphone, might just sell a huge stake to software giant Microsoft. Bear in mind that you would want to take this bit of information with a large grain of salt, although there is no way to completely rule it out altogether. […]

RIM updates several Blackberry apps with BBM support
While RIM might not be as popular as it once was, no doubt about that they still have legions of loyal followers out there. Well the good news for Blackberry users is that has announced that several of their apps will be updated with BBM connected support, along with an update for BBM itself to include animated avatars, an easier way of updating one’s BBM personal message and will also […]

BBM messages are now accessible by the Indian government
A couple of months back, we reported that after being pressured by the Indian government, RIM decided to set up Blackberry servers that were stationed in Mumbai, India. If you were thinking that this move could only lead to the Indian government seeking more control over what goes in and out of RIM’s Blackberry servers, you would be right on the money. According to a report on India Today, not […]


RIM sued by NXP over alleged patent infringement
Based on recent reports, it would appear as though RIM is headed downhill, and as if that wasn’t enough, the company has recently been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit by Dutch semiconductor company, NXP, alleging that RIM had infringed upon their patents in the form of its Blackberry phones and Playbook tablet. The patents in question cover a pretty wide area ranging from design, data transmission amongst other features.No […]

RIM announces Blackberry Mobile Fusion for iOS and Android
Heads up enterprise owners, it looks like RIM’s BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is now available. Basically what this does is that it allows for IT departments to manage Blackberry, iOS and Android devices. This would also allow companies to let their employees choose the device that suits their needs best as opposed to limiting their choices only to Blackberry devices due to BES. The Blackberry Mobile Fusion will also allow IT […]

RIM to stay focused on consumer markets
Contrary to yesterday’s reports about RIM giving up on most consumer markets, RIM issued a statement today saying that they are “fully committed to the consumer market.” However instead on focusing on the general consumer market, RIM will be focusing on specific areas of the consumer market where the BlackBerry excels – which means phones that are great for communicating as well as remaining secure enough to satisfy employer’s needs […]

BlackBerry 9220 smartphone simulator now available
It’s going to be awhile longer before we get any BlackBerry 10 OS devices, but in the meantime, RIM will still be pushing out phones that run on the BlackBerry 7 OS. One of the phones we’ll be seeing in the near future is going to be the BlackBerry 9220 according to an announcement on the official BlackBerry developer blog. While they didn’t reveal any images of the phone, they […]

RIM to give up most consumer markets
After today’s reports of iOS and Android dominating the smartphone market, it looks like BlackBerry isn’t going to make a comeback in the competition. According to reports online, RIM announced that it will be giving up on most consumer markets and instead turn its focus to business customers – the main demographic that the BlackBerry was known for catering to.RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins was quoted as saying, “We plan to […]

RIM granted patent for automatic volume adjustment based on ear seal
A patent that was filed by Research In Motion (RIM) in 2007 was granted today after 5 years. The patent would give RIM the technology to make smartphones have the ability to adjust earpiece volumes based on the “estimated degree of seal of an ear around a speaker.” Given the evolution of phones into smartphones along with the integration of messaging services like Whatsapp, Skype and BlackBerry Messaging, this would […]

BlackBerry Blade concept looks sharp
Yes, we know that BlackBerry is on the slide even in their own backyard, losing out top spot to the Apple iPhone in terms of smartphone shipments, so is there any hope for Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry and the PlayBook? After all, Nokia and Motorola were on the decline as well in the past, but somehow through fortitude and providence, they managed to see themselves […]

Samsung, RIM, sued over emoticons
While patents are said to be the newest form of corporate ammunition between companies, what you are about to read might just take things a little bit too far. It seems that RIM and Samsung’s decision to throw in a quick-access key that allows you to access emoticons on your smartphone in a jiffy, patent trolls are rather upset about this situation, and have decided to go to the court […]

BlackBerry 10 coming to PlayBook tablet
RIM has just confirmed that their PlayBook tablet will be receiving the BlackBerry 10 operating system update in due time, which is definitely a step up from the PlayBook OS 2.0. Regardless of which operating system the PlayBook runs on, it will still be QNX-based, and according to Rob Orr, Vice President of Product Management at Research in Motion, “We’ve said publicly a number of times that our first BB10 […]

HSPA+ BlackBerry PlayBook arrives at the FCC
Yes, the BlackBerry PlayBook might not be the most desirable tablet in the market, but that does not mean it does not come with its fair share of fans. No sir, as we have seen the PlayBook function as a remote control for toy cars, while receiving an official keyboard accessory recently, and here we are with another variant of the BlackBerry PlayBook being prepared for a general release, sporting […]