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RIM reportedly looking to cut 40% of its global work force
While RIM used to be one of the top dogs, that position has since been filled by both iOS and Android who pretty much take up the majority of the smartphone platform marketshare. RIM is currently banking on its upcoming Blackberry 10 platform and its accompanying devices to win back the market, but in the meantime it looks like according to sources familiar with the matter, not only are some […]

BlackBerry 7.1 delivers Wi-Fi calls as well as Mobile Hotspot capability
Have you performed a software update for your BlackBerry device just yet? If you happen to own the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860, Torch 9810, Curve 9360, and Curve 9380, then you are eligible for a software update to bring up the operating system version to BlackBery OS 7.1. This innovative update is said to deliver Wi-Fi calls as well as Mobile Hotspot capability to your device. Not only that, […]

RIM reportedly keeping its BBM exclusive to BlackBerry devices
RIM may have lost its dominance in the global smartphone market, but its messaging service, BBM  is still widely popular. According to the Wall Street Journal, Research In Motion CEO, Thorsten Heins, has debunked rumors that the company is offering its messaging service to other mobile platforms. A RIM spokesperson reportedly told the Wall Street Journal today that the company is focused and committed to its BBM and is even […]

Blackberry Playbook with LTE gains FCC approval
We know that RIM has announced that the Blackberry Playbook tablet will be getting an upgrade in the form of an LTE version, but just when exactly will we be able to see the device hit the shelves? While a specific date of release has yet to be confirmed, the device was recently spotted at the FCC and has reportedly gained FCC approval for its release into the consumer market. […]


RIM patents phone battery charging holster
RIM might not be doing gangbusters at the moment, but this does not mean that the company is about to go down in flames so soon. It might still take some time, and you know for sure that the Canada-based company is not going to have its flames snuffed out in the blink of an eye, as evident by this new patent which was filed, showing off what RIM figures […]

BlackBerry 10 features taken for a ride
What you see above is BlackBerry’s future – more specifically, flagship features of the next generation BlackBerry 10 operating system that were demonstrated to the press at a media briefing in London earlier this morning. The hardware is obviously a developer-only device, so do not expect to see future BlackBerry 10 smartphones being the same, although it might be inspired in design. What was demonstrated was the pre-release version of […]

RIM looks at two new fuel cell patents
RIM seems to be piling up on the research and development budget recently, with the Canadian-based smartphone manufacturer recently filing a couple more two patent applications to the USPTO, where both of them are related to the use of fuel cells in an electronic device setting. One application is meant for the frame of an electronic device which comprises of a fuel cell in the frame, while there is at […]

Blackberry 7 devices get the Pentagon's approval
While it certainly looks like things are headed downhill for RIM (hopefully Blackberry 10 will turn things around!), there are still those out there who love RIM’s Blackberry devices for its design and its security features and if you’re trying to decide if a Blackberry phone is secure enough for you, would the Pentagon’s endorsement of the device be good enough? While the Pentagon did not exactly give their seal […]

RIM Patents Trapezoidal Physical Keyboard
RIM has been granted the patent for what seems like a trapezoidal physical keyboard that apparently makes typing easier especially with larger thumbs. We know that RIM is good at making physical keyboards that provide an amazing tactile experience while typing albeit it’s small keys. Nevertheless, with this patent that was originally filed in 2009, it seems that the company has come up with what seems to be a solution […]

BlackBerry Curve 9320 announced, has BB OS 7.1 and BBM button in tow
RIM has, at long last, announced the BlackBerry Curve 9320 which has been a long time in coming. After all, it seemed to have paid a visit to many a country over the past few months without ever being made official, but as with most of the good things in life, they all come to those who wait. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 had no surprises pulled out of RIM’s magical […]

Blackberry 10 device names outed in alpha software
A while back thanks to various leaks and speculations, several names of upcoming Blackberry 10 devices were revealed. Unfortunately the names at that time could not be confirmed as they did not come from official sources, but it looks like whoever leaked the information at that time got it their facts right! Thanks to the alpha version of Blackberry 10 on the developer devices that were given to developers last […]

RIM launches BlackBerry Screen Reader for users with visual impairments
We are all born with a set of gifts, talents and abilities, along with it a few imperfections as well. Take my case for example: I don’t have a 20/20 vision and I have to wear glasses most of the time. Today, Research In Motion has launched the BlackBerry Screen Reader, a free software application that helps blind or visually impaired mobile users in operating their BlackBerry smartphone.

RIM confirms plans for LTE BlackBerry Playbook
A couple of days ago, we were in two minds as to whether there will be a 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook released to the masses in the future, and promised to bring you the latest updates should there be any breaking news. Well, here we are today, and we have word from the horse’s mouth – RIM’s new chief executive to be exact, that the company has plans to roll […]

BlackBerry 7 smartphones to miss BlackBerry 10 boat
RIM’s most recent announcement of the BlackBerry 10 operating system has breathed new hope into the company, and it does not look too likely that RIM will go belly up in a few months’ time, but it always pays to tread on the side of caution. Having said that, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has mentioned during a press conference that current BlackBerry 7 smartphones will not be able to receive […]