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Blackberry 10 expected to launch with more apps than any other first-generation mobile operating system
Since our smartphones have the ability to do more than just surf the web, check emails, make phone calls and send messages, there has been a lot of demand for apps that take our device’s capabilities one step further, and having a large number of apps to choose from can sometimes influence someone’s decision on which platform to go for. As some of you guys know by now, RIM will […]

Verizon's CMO confirms that the carrier will offer Blackberry 10 devices at launch
Good news Blackberry fans, if you’re wondering which carrier will be sporting RIM’s new Blackberry 10 devices, you can count Verizon as being among them. The carrier’s CMO, Tami Erwin in an interview with CNET revealed that the carrier will be offering Blackberry 10 devices at its launch in Q1 of 2013. No additional details were revealed, like the models, hardware specifications, specific release dates or pricing, but either way […]

Blackberry Tablet with concealable keyboard in the pipeline?
Is it conceivable that Research In Motion (RIM), the company that is behind the Blackberry brand, is working on a possible Blackberry laptop? Well, stranger things have happened in the past that was once deemed impossible (like Windows running on a Mac), but this recently filed patent showed off the possibility of RIM developing a kind of tablet that would resemble the Windows-powered Surface from Microsoft, and most would deem […]

RIM gifts South African gold medal Olympians with gold plated Bold 9900 handsets
We’re sure that during the Olympics, many, if not all athletes were motivated to get a gold medal not only as a means to prove their worth and abilities, but because it was also a matter of country pride and we’re sure that there were some incentives offered by their governments for every gold medal they brought home.Well it looks like the folks at RIM South Africa, or to be […]


Blackberry 10 boot times should be "dramatically" better
For those who own a Blackberry device, doing a soft reboot of your phone is a relatively painless and quick process. Performing a hard reset by pulling the battery on the other hand is a whole different story and owners of Blackberry devices can probably attest to the rather lengthy boot times. Well according to the folks at CrackBerry, some of the changes that Blackberry users and fans can expect […]

RIM anticipating influx of app submissions for Blackberry 10
What helps to determine if a platform will be good to transition to are the number and the types of apps available in its ecosystem. With iOS and Android numbering more than half a million apps in their stores, it certainly is no wonder that they are the two most popular platforms around. That being said, it looks like RIM wants to play catch up and according to RIM’s Alec […]

Nothing in Blackberry 7 will be in Blackberry 10, according to RIM's CEO
RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 is expected to usher in a new era for the company, and hopefully produce devices and a platform that will prove to be competitive against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. While that remains to be seen, if you were considering Blackberry 10 devices as your next smartphone, you might be interested to learn that in an interview with eWEEK, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins was quoted as […]

RIM files patent for automatic blog drafting on mobile devices
With faster network speeds these days and with our smartphones and tablets becoming more than capable of replacing our laptops for certain activities, such as typing emails, quick photo edits, checking Facebook, it is no surprise that some have turned to their mobile devices to type up blog posts while on the go. That and being connected to data networks allows users to post blog posts as soon as they’re […]

Windows Phone to soar past BlackBerry in US by November 2012 (Survey)
You know what they say – when it rains, it pours. Chances are the weatherman does not have good news for Research In Motion (RIM) before the year is over, especially when you consider what StatCounter has garnered and predicted based on the graph above. What you see, if current figures and variables are maintained in a linear fashion, then Windows Phone’s installed base would surpass that of Blackberry in […]

RIM to usher in new contact management system with BlackBerry 10 platform
Research In Motion (RIM) fully intends to bounce back from whatever position that they are in at the moment (which is in a rather shabby place, I might add), where they intend to deliver a new contact management system with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform so that BlackBerry users are able to enjoy an easy way to tap their contacts’ public profiles. These will range from blog posts to tweets, […]

RIM confirms screen resolutions for upcoming Blackberry 10 devices
Developers and fans of Blackberry devices, if you have been wondering what sort of screen resolutions we might be dealing with when Blackberry 10 devices are released in the future, you might be interested to learn that RIM has come forward and confirmed the screen resolutions for upcoming Blackberry 10 handsets. As some of you guys know, RIM will be releasing Blackberry 10 devices in either full touchscreen mode, or […]

Blackberry 10 beta devices currently being shown to carriers
We know that RIM has plans to roll out several Blackberry 10 devices, although the question on the minds of many Blackberry fans is when? While a specific release date still eludes us, the Wall Street Journal (paid article) has reported that according to RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins, he has confirmed to the publication that the company is currently showing off two Blackberry 10 beta devices to carriers this week. […]

RIM's CEO believes that Blackberry 10 can be licensed
For fans of RIM’s Blackberry platform, you guys are probably aware that Blackberry 10 devices are expected to make an appearance in the near future. However with the struggles that RIM is currently facing, many believe, including RIM themselves, that licensing the Blackberry 10 platform might be the way to go. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins revealed that the company believes its Blackberry 10 platform […]

RIM to cut 3,000 jobs next week, will be axing 2,000 more later this year
Tough times call for tough decisions. Sadly for Research In Motion, that meant axing a huge chunk of its workforce to stay alive while patiently hoping for a better start next year. RIM’s plan to cut jobs was first heard in June this year. Now, an insider has confirmed the news to BGR that the company will begin the layoffs next week. The “trusted source” said that more than 3,000 […]