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Thorsten Heins believes Blackberry 10 has a shot at being the number three platform on the market
At the moment it wouldn’t be wrong to say that both iOS and Android are currently dominating the smartphone platform market. As to which platform is better it is certainly a matter of preference and is most certainly a debate for another time. So what about RIM? Will RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 platform be good enough to compete with the likes of iOS and Android, and possibly Microsoft’s upcoming Windows […]

Blackberry L-series design confirmed in latest Dev Alpha beta?
There have been a couple of leaks in the past of RIM’s upcoming Blackberry L-series handset, a device that will feature a full touchscreen display and will run on Blackberry 10. Given that RIM has yet to officially take the wraps off the device, some are speculating that the leaked photos might not be the finished product, or that we could be looking at fakes.Well the good news is that […]

BlackBerry 10 has native Facebook app, Twitter and LinkedIn in tow as well
BlackBerry 10 devices look set to come with a native Facebook app, as revealed at the BlackBerry Jam Americas conference earlier this morning. Needless to say, in order to maintain a sense of uniformity across various platforms, the native Facebook app resembles those found on Android and iOS platforms, albeit being 100% integrated with the operating system while promising to make full use of its spanking new Flow interface. Not […]

Blackberry 10 to be rolled out in waves, South Africa and Nigeria to get top priority
So we know that RIM will be rolling out Blackberry 10 devices in the not-so-distant future, but will it be a global rollout or will certain regions/countries get priority? Well it seems that according to RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, the rollout of Blackberry 10 will be staggered into three phases. This was revealed during the CEO’s trip to South Africa where he revealed that both South Africa and Nigeria will […]


Blackberry service outage equals more woe for RIM
Research In Motion (RIM) is not exactly doing that great at this point in time, shrinking market share and all that, but Murphy is certainly having a fun time with RIM as there is word that Blackberry users have been hit by a service outage this morning. Considering how it is less than a year after there was a Blackberry network outage, it can be rather infuriating for Blackberry users. […]

Fan-made "Blackberry Love" commercial is certainly attention grabbing, but might not be entirely appropriate [NSFW]
While advertisements might not necessarily get you to buy the product, it puts the product and/or the company into your mind, thus creating awareness. While we’re not sure if this is how RIM might want to market themselves and their Blackberry devices, a fan has put together a commercial that well, will most certainly have no problems grabbing the attention of many. Called “Blackberry Love”, it is a very suggestive […]

Blackberry 10 L-Series smartphone teardown
We did catch some leaks of a photo as well as a rendering of the upcoming Blackberry 10 L-Series smartphone sometime this week, where this is one device that will roll off RIM’s production lines that will not come with their signature physical keyboard. Since the outside is pretty much set (although do bear in mind that what we have seen so far are most probably just prototypes, and the […]

RIM bags license to use Microsoft's exFAT file system
Microsoft has inked a deal with Research-In-Motion according to which, the BlackBerry maker will be able to make of use of Microsoft’s exFAT file system. The scope of the deal includes ‘certain BlackBerry devices’, which we are expecting to be upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices and not the older models.The use of exFAT file system will essentially enable these ‘certain’ devices to be able to transfer data across devices, such as […]

BBM will be making its way onto Dev Alpha devices later this month
As some of you guys have probably surmised by now, BBM to RIM is probably one of the key features that sets their products apart from the competition, so much so that despite it being an acronym for Blackberry Messenger, it has been inducted into the Collins English Dictionary. This is why we are interested to see how Blackberry 10 will handle BBM and if there will be more functionality […]

Another Blackberry 10 L-series photo has leaked online
Another day, another Blackberry 10 L-series leak – alright perhaps not, but it looks like another L-series photo has been leaked. Unfortunately these leaks still show serial numbers on them which could suggest that they are merely test units and might not be the final design, but based on what we’ve seen, if these are merely test units, we can only imagine that the final version should look pretty good. […]

Verizon's CFO says not to count RIM out
While the focus might be on Android and iOS at the moment, let’s not forget that as far as smartphones are concerned, RIM’s Blackberry devices used to reign supreme. However lately the company has taken quite a bit of hits, although many are hoping that the upcoming Blackberry 10 OS and its accompanying devices will be amazing enough for RIM to regain some market share. Verizon appears to be rather […]

BBM term makes its way into latest Collins English Dictionary
If you own a Blackberry, then hearing the word “BBM” probably conjures the thought of RIM’s Blackberry Messenger. However it seems that the term has become so synonymous with Blackberry Messenger that the Collins English Dictionary has been updated to include the term. According to T.A. McCann, the Vice President of BBM and Social Communities at RIM, “The inclusion of BBM in the Collins English dictionary recognizes its status as […]

Blackberry 10 demo video surfaces, shows off app switching and swipe gestures
If you’re a Blackberry loyalist and you’re wondering what is it about Blackberry 10 that makes it so special, or what can it do that will make you want to stick around, you’re in luck as a new Blackberry 10 demo video has been released which shows off app switching along with some additional gestures. We have to admit that it looks pretty smooth based on what we’ve seen so […]

HTC not opposed to the idea of licensing Blackberry 10
We know that RIM is not adverse to the idea of licensing out its Blackberry platform. After all given the state that they are in at the moment, having big name manufacturers churn out Blackberry devices could help them cover more market share, but who would be willing? It has been rumored in the past that Samsung might be interested, but according to Mobile Today, it seems that HTC could […]