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IBM considered purchasing RIM's enterprise division
Can you believe it? Word on the street has it that International Business Machines (IBM) did mull over the decision of purchasing Researcn In Motion’s (RIM) enterprise division. Bloomberg reported this based on a couple of unnamed sources, where IBM did slide in an informal inquiry for the enterprise division of RIM in the past, although at this point in time, there does not seem to be any talks that […]

Samsung denies reports of licensing Blackberry 10
Earlier today we reported that according to an analyst, Samsung was reportedly in talks with RIM about licensing Blackberry 10. This isn’t the first time that it has been suggested that a company was interested in either taking over the Blackberry arm of RIM or licensing its software, and while RIM has admitted that they are looking into the possibility of licensing out their technology, Samsung has come forward and […]

Samsung could license BlackBerry 10
There are whispers on the street pointing out that there is a slight chance of Samsung licensing RIM’s BlackBerry 10 operating system, although for the life of me, I do not see that happening anytime soon. Still, it remains a theoretical possibility, just like a manned mission to Mars (with reference to the Salmon Fishing in Yemen movie), and I would so much so claim that RIM would definitely need […]

Analyst does not believe Blackberry 10 will be able to steal any market share from Apple
We know that RIM is planning on launching their new Blackberry 10 platform later this year, which is also the company’s attempt to try to regain some of their former glory which they experienced back in the day. Whether they will be successful or not remains to be seen, but as far analyst Peter Misek from Jefferies & Co. is concerned, while he sees Blackberry 10 as an improvement over […]


Blackberry+Android: instant coolness or sure death?
Earlier today, we talked about how RIM, the company behind Blackberry phones, once contemplated switching to android. Instead, the company has chosen to stick to its gun and move forward with its upcoming operating system: Blackberry 10 (BB10). Was this decision right, or was it a tragic mistake?There are plenty of people who would immediately reply: “yes, it was a tragic mistake!”, but the answer isn’t as obvious as one […]

RIM once considered the idea of switching to Android
The times have been tough for Research In Motion. Yet its CEO, Thorsten Heins, remains firm in leading the company. In an interview with The Telegraph yesterday, Heins talked about how BlackBerry will survive and how other manufacturers could use its new operating system. When asked about BB10, the CEO responded that the company’s teams are working relentlessly day and night, and pointed out that it is a once in […]

RIM's CEO talks about the possibility of licensing
As some of you guys have probably surmised by now, RIM is not exactly in a good place at the moment. In the past there have been talks about RIM either selling out, or perhaps licensing its technology to help them gain more market share and to stay afloat and it seems that licensing could be what RIM is considering for their upcoming Blackberry 10 OS. RIM, like Apple, has […]

RIM 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook tablet announced
When the first PlayBook from RIM was announced a few years ago, it did look as though it was going to give the Apple iPad a run for its money, but unfortunately, the PlayBook all but sizzled and faded out from the scene. It was more from the lack of software support than anything else, never mind that the hardware itself was rather solid on its own. Well, perhaps it […]

BlackBerry 10 dev phone appears with RIM confirmation in tow
RIM has just confirmed that a particular render of a yet unreleased (needless to say, it remains unannounced) BlackBerry device which was leaked by accident on the RIM’s developer website is the real deal. The device is known as Dev Alpha B, where it was obviously named that way as it is a successor to the existing Dev Alpha device. It will no doubt be used to test out the […]

10" BlackBerry PlayBook spotted?
It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about the 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook, but now it looks like the tablet could actually be real. Some folks over at Tinhte managed to get of what appears to be a 10″ version of the PlayBook, gave it a simple tear down and was kind enough to share it with the world. The 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook features hardware that’s not very different from the […]

RIM prepares PlayBook OS 2.1 update
RIM’s PlayBook is not exactly the best selling tablet device in the market, which is rather disappointing when you consider the kind of potential it had, and we have word that the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook is due to launch, so RIM has done the necessary, which is to prepare the roll out of its latest tablet operating system version, known as PlayBook OS 2.1. We do expect a beta version […]

BlackBerry 10 gets a fancy photo editor
BlackBerry phones aren’t known for their photo editing capabilities especially without any third-party software installed, but it looks like that will change with BlackBerry 10. The folks over at CrackBerry have managed to get their hands on a prototype of a photo-editing app that allows users to edit photographs with BlackBerry 10 devices. The app lets users add Instagram-style filters to their photographs, resize them, remove noise, adjust hue and […]

New York Times drops BlackBerry App
RIM is already a beleaguered company, and what they need the most at this moment would be a boost of good news – but that is seemingly lacking in generous measure this day, where the latest blow to hit RIM would be word that The New York Times (NYT) has dropped its downloadable application for BlackBerry users. Those who still use a BlackBerry are able to access the newspaper via […]

BlackBerry concept phone peeks at a potential QWERTY slider
There is nothing quite like a concept for you to let your imagination run wild, right? After all, you need not be bogged down by details such as physical limitations or a shorter battery life due to the number of features you threw into the mix. Well, here is a rendering of a concept phone by someone who figured out that RIM might actually want to consider when it comes […]