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Animatronic Robot Makes Eye Contact With Spectator While Dancing
(Female Figure) 2014, an animatronic robot from Jordan Wolfson is capable of performing a dance right in front of a full length mirror all the while looking to make eye contact with the spectator. Of course, as you can view in the video above, it does not help to have that creepy looking mask attached to the robot’s face, too. The blonde hair works, but unless the robot has something […]

US Congressman Executed, Replaced By Robot Body Double, Says Opponent
For all the stories of Black Ops and espionage, this certainly takes the cake – at least for the month of June. If Timothy Ray Murray is correct, then technology in the realm of robotics has certainly advanced way ahead of most peoples’ expectations. Apparently, Murray claims that incumbent Oklahoman congressman Frank Lucas is no longer alive and kicking, but has since been replaced by a body double. And a […]

Masked Animatronic Robot Dances In An Extremely Lifelike Manner
The uncanny valley is not a physical place, but rather, it is the idea of a robot being so human-like in behavior, that it can get rather creepy to boot. Artist Jordan Wolfson has crossed into such a territory as you can see from the video above, where this masked animatronic robot will gyrate to a slowed-down version of “Blurred Lines”, in a rather enticing manner. Right now, this animatronic […]

KEECKER Connected Robot Unveiled
[CES 2014] KEECKER happens to be a Paris-based company that intends to bring the future forward, by introducing a new connected robot (which will hopefully be smart, too) at CES 2014. Boasting of a unique functionality that will hopefully alter the way we think about digital experiences, KEECKER happens to be the first connected computer for lifestyle and home entertainment, where it will transform just how one shares and experiences […]


Polycom RealPresence in the new Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence
Last week I was invited to Polycom’s annual Holiday event where the Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence was shown for the first time. We all remember Anybots cute QB robot that featured a very small display and 2 big “eyes” where the camera was hidden.The new Q(X) is going away from the human-like shape and features a relatively austere form factor; however we can appreciate the large display that delivers a […]

“Superman” Robot Lifts 80 Times Its Own Weight
“Hulk is the strongest one there is!” is a catchphrase that we have heard before many times, if you happen to be an ardent fan of Marvel Comic’s jade giant. Well, another character that has proven to be nigh invulnerable would be Superman of DC Comics’ fame, and it would be interesting to see what happens when both titans of strength collide in an arm wrestling match. Well, researchers over […]

Cat-like Robot Hails From Switzerland
A new cat-like robot has been unveiled in Switzerland.

Japan Government Look To Robots For Home Based Medical Care
The world of robotics has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings, but this still cannot retract the fact that there is plenty left to do to move forward. When it comes to care givers for the ailing and sick, any kind of positive help is welcomed, so it is encouraging to hear that the Japanese government is currently looking into introducing a special kind of “nursing robot” […]

Robot That Steals From Vending Machines
Sometimes, the ingenuity of some folk that you come across online is definitely worth writing home about. Case in point, French YouTube user ioduremetallique has shown the world that with a little bit of tinkering around robots (as well as being equipped to the brim with a whole load of knowledge on robotics), one is able to play tricks on the machine world. Sure, we have seen some intelligent robots […]

Robot Stalks Sharks In The Seven Seas
Sharks have certainly received their fair share of negative attention in the past, especially with the success of the film “Jaws” that sent swimmers and beach tourists scampering for a while. Of course, most of us know by now that sharks rarely attack humans, and when they do, it is because we humans on surfboards were mistaken for something else. It is not as though they have a penchant for […]

Robot Hands Get Gentler With New Barometer Chips
When it comes to the hands and fingers of a robot, we might take for granted that it knows just the right amount of force to exert to hold a particular item, which is a no brainer of sorts for us humans, but how can a robot tell whether it should handle an egg gently, while carrying a brick requires it exert the adequate amount of pressure and force to […]

Robot Helps You Assemble IKEA Furniture
I know, I know, IKEA furniture is supposed to be so easy to assemble, and in the long run, it also helps you lower the total cost of ownership especially when you want to refurbish your home with an entire set of furniture. For those of us who feel that DIY is not our cup of tea, then paying IKEA a small fee to have their staff assemble your newly […]

Meet Pars, The Aerial Rescue Robot
RTS Lab, based in Iran, has developed Pars, which is an aerial rescue robot designed and made for “saving human lives”. The purpose behind building Pars is to rescue people who are drowning near coastlines. The robot can quickly move towards people who’re drowning off the coastline by user guidance and then activate its savior system which releases life tubes. It can also be used for maritime monitoring, aid in […]

Cyro Jellyfish Robot
Just what is the biggest jellyfish that you have ever come across whenever you are at the seaside, or traveling on a boat over a body of seawater? Well, most of these tend to be small, and the general rule of thumb is this – the smaller they are, the more poisonous it is. Should you come across this five-and-a-half-foot robot jellyfish, surely you would be astonished, and trust the […]