Articles about Robots (page 4)

Spider robot looks like something out of Contra
Microsoft Surface and Robotics Developer Studio used to create Search and Rescue robots
Toyota creates robots that assist patient mobility
Robot surgeon ensures your eyes remains safe and sound
Electric Walking Aid prevents patient from falling over
Groundbot spherical surveillance robot does 3D broadcasts, too
Touch-sensitive robots coming your way soon
Actroid-F robot gets a sibling and an eye implant
NEC PaPeRo might end up in homes next year
Robots might help autistic kids
Robots enjoy a game of table tennis
Robot car helps you avoid jams
Navy does the underwater Roomba now
Panasonic robot washes your hair with 2 dozen fingers
Playful Puppy Robot is not furry in any sense
NEC PaPeRo robot updated with visual recognition ability
Cyber warriors are in the pipeline
Bipedal robot eliminates awkward gait
LEGO robot does iPad app testing on your behalf
Panasonic to unveil new robots at International HCR 2011