There is a reason why some people head off to the local hair salon to get their hair washed – they just love the human interaction as well as massaging done to the head, but it seems just like those massaging chairs that keep on coming out, there are also robots that wash your hair – especially this one from Panasonic that boasts 24 “fingers” to provide your scalp with a massage to boot. No idea on whether it will be as expert as that of a seasoned veteran, but at least the elderly and the infirm will have something to look forward to instead of the scowl from a busy son or daughter when they put forward their request to get their hair washed.

According to Panasonic, this machine will boast the latest robotic technology that is said to one day replace human care-givers in Japan without sacrificing on the quality of service. The robot is nothing like those from science fiction movies, but rather, it resembles a standard salon chair and will have 24 fingers to shampoo and massage your scalp while rinsing it – a process that takes around 3 minutes. Follow that up with conditioning and blow drying your noggin’, and you’re one happy customer.

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