Samsung Smart School

While schools in America have decided to adopt the iPad for educational purposes, on the other side of the world, in South Korea, they prefer to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet instead. Samsung and Daegu high school have agreed to create a “Smart School” by using Samsung’s Android tablets in the classroom, for sharing educational content. Specialized classrooms will be created according to subjects or SCAS (a system where students migrate to a particular classroom depending to their learning abilities).

The Galaxy Tabs will be preloaded with apps and a specially optimized UI with RFID functions that provide teachers with convenient tools for managing students. Teachers will also be able to use the tablets to communicate with kids and their parents – making sending report cards less of a hassle than it used to be. Not to mention, kids won’t be able to forget to bring their cards home – if they’re digital. Teachers can just mail them to parents as well.

It’s nice seeing technology used to help out in the education system. Perhaps in the future, paper books will be completely replaced, making the classroom green as well as modern. I wish I had tablets to play around with when I was back in school. Times really have changed!

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