We’ve featured a number of stories of robots here at Ubergizmo, with a number of them spelling out the upcoming demise of the human race as they’ve learned to wield chainsaws and have beaten humans in Rock’ Em Sock ‘Em robots. Now, it looks like a robot is expected to infiltrate our schools to learn more about us.

A robot model called Robovie began attending Higashihikari elementary school in Japan this week, and is expected to attend classes for over 14 months in order to learn about human interactions among multiple people.

The Robovie can hold conversations equal to a five-year-old child, although it has been equipped with knowledge from a fifth-grade science textbook as well as facial photos and voiceprints of teachers and students it will come across in the school.

Robovie has already interacted with the students and teachers this week as it answered questions from the teachers during class, and spent time after class to shake hands of the sixth graders and answered any questions they had for it. We’re hoping there’s one student at that school that can keep an eye on Robovie, in case he decides to start doing anything that may spark the robot revolution.

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