GoogleIn a strange turn of events, it looks like Microsoft is now in the driver’s seat for dishing out antitrust lawsuits against its competitors. What seemed to be their specialty many years ago (when they were on the receiving end), Microsoft plan on taking Google to court over an antitrust complain concerning Google’s search engine and services. Apparently Google has been accused of being unfair to Microsoft by denying proper access to YouTube on Windows Phone 7 (they don’t even have an official app on the phone, just a simple web shortcut) and even limiting search results.  Other charges include Google blocking access to content owned by book publishers and restricting advertisers’ access to their own data. This lawsuit comes after Google’s attempt to acquire airline flight and ticket information provider ITA Software. Are Google’s attempts to monopolize the internet going too far? One can see it as such, but on the other hand, they’re trying to make everything convenient for everyone. Didn’t Google learn from Microsoft’s past mistakes when they tried to force Internet Explorer onto everybody that purchased the Windows operating system? Read more about the antitrust issues.

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