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SimCity Cheetah Speed Available Across All Servers
Xbox 720 Will Reportedly Not Start Games Without Internet Connectivity
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SimCity Offline Mode
Offline SimCity Mode Requires "Minimal Effort" On Maxis' Part, According to Anonymous Developer
SimCity Gamers Launch Petition To Remove Always On DRM Feature
EA Apologizes For SimCity Snafu
EA Leaves SimCity Buyers Fuming As It Upholds Return Policy
Digital SimCity Pulled By Amazon, Boxed Versions Still Available
SimCity Continues To Experience Server Issues; Maxis Comments On Situation
EA Rep Refuses To Refund Customer Over SimCity Connectivity Issues, Threatens To Ban Account [Updated]
SimCity Beta Begins This January 25th
SimCity on Mac arrives in February 2013
Sim City 2013 confirmed, new trailer in tow